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Teaching Tools

Panopto for Instructors

What features are available for instruction?

Record a Live Classroom Lecture

For information about recording a live classroom lecture using Panopto, refer to the Classroom Technology Resource Website. If you are a first-time user and don’t see the green “Create” button either in the Panopto interface within Canvas or in the Panopto web interface outside of Canvas, you may not have Creator access yet. Please follow these instructions to enable Creator access and the green “Create” button.

Zoom cloud-based class recordings are saved to both Zoom and Panopto. Learn how to locate your class recordings in Panopto.

Pre-Record an Online Lecture

Panopto is a robust video, lecture-creation solution that allows for simultaneously recording of multiple inputs including audio, PowerPoint, and other video sources connected to a computer. Recorded lectures can include interactive quizzes and note-taking.

Manage and Host Video Content in Panopto

Panopto is a campus-supported video storage solution. You control who sees your content. Watch these videos about managing content in Panopto:

Canvas and Panopto

Video content hosted in Panopto can be added directly to Canvas announcements, assignments, modules, pages, and more. It also integrates with the Canvas grade book.

Read these articles for more information on the following topics:

For a more in-depth look, watch this 30-minute video about using Panopto in Canvas.

If you’re having trouble deciding which tool to use, read this handy chart that compares Panopto, Canvas Studio, and Zoom.

Create Assignments in Canvas

Instructors can create viewing assignments in Canvas using Panopto videos, add quizzes to Panopto videos, and allow students to submit their own Panopto recordings for a grade in Canvas using an assignment folder created by you.

Zoom and Panopto

Zoom Cloud recordings automatically import to your My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder in Panopto after you start using Panopto. Any Zoom Cloud recordings created prior to that will not import. More information on where to find your Zoom Cloud recordings in Panopto can be found here.

How-To Videos

Check out these videos for more information on using the Panopto platform:

Please refer to these OIT Knowledge Base articles about Panopto for more information on using the platform.

You can always reach out to the OIT HelpDesk by calling 865-974-9900 or by visiting for more information.

FERPA Guidelines for Panopto

OIT currently has Panopto settings in place that support UT security guidelines. Please be aware that any content that UT faculty and staff create or post to Panopto should also follow FERPA guidelines. Protecting data and confidential information contained in any videos posted is the responsibility of each content creator to ensure information is not improperly shared. Instructors and students alike should take care not to share FERPA protected information in video recordings. If you are unsure about FERPA best practices, please refer to FERPA information provided by UT and as well as the FERPA training provided on the K@TE platform.