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Teaching Tools

Lecture Recording (Panopto)

Panopto is a cloud-based service that allows users to record, share, review, and edit video captures from their desktop, laptop, and mobile phones.

Panopto is now live!

Panopto is now available for use and is replacing Mediasite as the go-to lecture capture system for UT Knoxville. Stay tuned for upcoming training workshops, documentation, and guidance for the transition to the new platform. Look for more information in upcoming editions of OIT News.


  • Ease of sharing, recording, and editing captured video content
  • One-stop shop functionality within Canvas
  • Automatic conversion of Zoom Cloud recordings to your private Panopto Meeting Recordings folder after you start using Panopto.


  • Canvas and Zoom integration
  • Record video presentations with slides from a browser (Panopto Capture) or the Panopto Desktop Recorder application
  • Manage and share recorded content within Canvas
  • Upload and edit recordings and slides within Panopto
  • Add captions to recordings
  • Search recordings for what is said aloud and what is displayed in PowerPoint slides
  • Engage with discussion threads during live events as well as Q&A and quizzes during pre-recorded events
  • Save notes and bookmarks personalized to you within each video
  • Training and documentation available directly from Panopto and OIT
  • All Mediasite content automatically transferred to Panopto (re-linking of previous Mediasite content will be required)
  • OIT Webcasting services will be powered by Panopto to deliver live and pre-recorded webcasts

What you need to do

Logging into Panopto

Most users will experience and manage Panopto content through Canvas, however, instructors and staff may also access Panopto directly via the Panopto web interface. Follow these instructions if you are an instructor or staff and would like to manage Panopto content outside of Canvas using the Panopto web interface.

Legacy Mediasite content

  • If you have content hosted via Mediasite, you will need to update those links within your course content or websites with new Panopto links. Contact the OIT HelpDesk for more information at 865-974-9900 or at

Panopto Training and Support

OIT Panopto Workshops and Documentation

  • OIT Panopto workshops are offered periodically at
  • OIT Knowledge Base articles on Panopto can be found here
  • Watch these videos from Panopto for more instruction on using the platform. Additionally, the two videos embedded below will get you started with using Panopto in Canvas as well as viewing a video in Panopto.

Technology Enhanced Classroom Instruction

  • This one-on-one consultation is available at the beginning of each semester and includes information on how to use Panopto to record in the classroom.
  • Visit for more information

Panopto Support

For more information or to request training, contact the contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 865-974-9900.