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Teaching Tools

Lecture Recording (Panopto)

Panopto is a cloud-based service that allows users to record, share, review, and edit video captures from their desktop, laptop, and mobile phones.


  • Ease of sharing, recording, and editing captured video content
  • One-stop shop functionality within Canvas
  • Automatic conversion of Zoom Cloud recordings to your private Panopto Meeting Recordings folder after you start using Panopto.


  • Canvas and Zoom integration
  • Record video presentations with slides from a browser (Panopto Capture) or the Panopto Desktop Recorder application
  • Manage and share recorded content within Canvas
  • Upload and edit recordings and slides within Panopto
  • Automatic machine captioning and caption editing tool available. Zoom Cloud recorded meeting captions automatically import to Panopto.
  • Search recordings for what is said aloud and what is displayed as text in PowerPoint slides
  • Engage with discussion threads during live events (requires log-in) as well as Q&A and quizzes during pre-recorded events
  • Save notes and bookmarks personalized to you within each video
  • Training and documentation available directly from Panopto and OIT
  • OIT Webcasting services is powered by Panopto to deliver live and pre-recorded webcasts

What do you need to do?

I want to create and manage video outside of Canvas.

I need to digitize and host videos for my class.

  • OIT’s Digital Media Services (DMS) provides support for instruction through the digitization and conversion of course materials into usable media formats. Videos are hosted for a limited time on secure, OIT supported hosting solutions (Panopto). Learn more about digitizing services and video hosting.

I want to record my classroom lectures.

I want to attend training or learn on my own.

Panopto Support

For more information or to request training, contact the contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 865-974-9900.

FERPA Guidelines for Panopto

OIT currently has Panopto settings in place that support UT security guidelines. Please be aware that any content that UT faculty and staff create or post to Panopto should also follow FERPA guidelines. Protecting data and confidential information contained in any videos posted is the responsibility of each content creator to ensure information is not improperly shared. Instructors and students alike should take care not to share FERPA protected information in video recordings. If you are unsure about FERPA best practices, please refer to FERPA information provided by UT and as well as the FERPA training provided on the K@TE platform.