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Backup & Recovery

Concerned about data protection and reliability? Store your departmental files with OIT. Schedule automatic backups, save multiple file versions, and recover files at any time. All data is saved locally to OIT’s automated tape libraries, as well as an off-site location in case of emergency loss. Cost is based on amount of data to be stored, plus licensing for the storage software. To learn more or request this service, contact the OIT HelpDesk online or call 865-974-9900.

Backup Service

  • Perform automated, scheduled backup of systems to ensure that data is protected. The standard schedule is to automatically back up changed files once per day.
  • Customers can also manually back up files at any time as needed. This can be useful just before making software modifications and upgrades.
  • Retain at least two encrypted copies of every file backed up.
  • Retain one copy of every backed up file at one of OIT’s data centers in an automated tape library.
  • Retain one copy off-campus in case of a major disaster such as a fire, storm, or tornado.
  • Retain multiple versions of files automatically. Deleted files as well as old, changed versions of files are kept for thirty days.
  • Retain current versions of files backed up indefinitely.

Restore Service

  • The customer can restore files using a GUI or command line interface whenever required without requiring OIT’s assistance.
  • All files restored are automatically decrypted without customer interaction.

This service is available 24/7, except during scheduled and emergency maintenance. All efforts are made to perform maintenance daily between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.


Purchase price for a license is based on the number of virtual CPUs (vCPU) for virtual servers or number of PVU’s for physical servers. (PVU is a calculation that the vendor does for each physical server based on the model of server and chipset on the server. It can take a couple of days for the vendor to calculate PVU value for a physical server to be backed up.) Maintenance fee is 20% of license purchase cost.

For Virtual Servers:

  • OS file system license purchase cost is $142.20/vCPU, maintenance is $28.44/vCPU.
  • Database (Oracle or MS-SQL) license purchase cost is $284.40/vCPU, maintenance is $56.88/vCPU.

For Physical Servers:

  • OS file system license purchase cost is $2.93/PVU, maintenance is $0.586/PVU.
  • Database (Oracle or MS-SQL) license purchase cost is $5.65/PVU, maintenance is $1.13/PVU.
  • SAP DB license purchase cost is $9.35/PVU, maintenance is $1.87/PVU.
  • SharePoint license purchase cost is $9.15/PVU, maintenance is $1.83/PVU.


Cost to backup data/files is $4/TB stored. The customer is billed on a monthly cycle according to the amount of data on backup at the end of each month. The storage for the secondary offsite copy is included in the data charge.  For example, if during one month the customer has 3TB stored as backups, the monthly bill would be $12 (i.e., 3TB *$4/TB = $12). If for a one-month cycle the customer has 30TB stored as backups (i.e., approximately 1TB written each night), the monthly bill would be $120 (i.e., 30TB *$4/TB = $120).

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