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Accounts & Access Management

Questions about your NetID, directory listing, or website account?

What is a NetID?

All students, faculty, staff, and authorized guests at the University of Tennessee are provided with a NetID (username) and password when they join the university. Your NetID permits secure access to a variety of applications and services, such as: UT Email; Canvas; UT Recruitment; Microsoft 365; MyUTK; OIT Computer Labs; Google Apps; MyIRIS; and Wireless Access.

Campus departments, student and professional organizations, or other units can request a NetID receive an entry in the online directory.  This entry can also be used to set up a departmental email account or website. Learn more about Organizational NetIDs

Note: Although students and employees are added to the online directory automatically through regularly scheduled updates, there may be a time lag. Request forms are provided to handle special circumstances, such as adding a new employee who needs services immediately, providing access to a contractor or other person not paid through the University payroll system, or adding an email address for a campus organization.

Additional information about how NetIDs are assigned and how authentication works is available in the Technical Information below.

Faculty, Staff, & Students

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Learn more about how to protect your NetID and password with two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is required for all Knox-area faculty, staff, and students. NetID passwords protected by two-factor that are set to 12-16 characters will not expire.
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UT Application Developers

Do you want to use one of UT’s authentication services for your Apps? OIT manages and supports LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, and Shibboleth. Learn more about how you can use these services or contact the OIT HelpDesk to get started.

Website Accounts and Hosting

OIT provides server space to faculty, staff, and students for personal or organizational web hosting and online storage. This includes

  • Linux-based web hosting
  • MySQL databases
  • Vanity URLs

Learn more about website accounts and hosting services.

This service is available 24/7, except during scheduled and emergency maintenance.  All efforts are made to perform maintenance during the following times:

  • Wednesday night from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM EST
  • Saturday night from 10:00 PM to Sunday at 10:00 AM EST
  • Monday – Friday from 6:00 AM-7:30AM EST


All UT Entities.

Web Accounts and Hosting:

UT Knoxville

Faculty, Staff, Students, Departments, and official campus organizations

The Account Management service is the service primarily responsible for identifying users of computer systems and networks, authenticating their identity, authorizing their access to those systems and networks, and managing directory services, such as those provided by the integrated statewide Active Directory Global Address List (GAL).

  • The Account Management service is responsible for all authentication and authorization services provided centrally by OIT for all UT campuses statewide.
  • The primary statewide identifier is the NetID, which is assigned uniquely to every faculty member, staff member, or student at any of the University’s campuses, institutes, and offices, plus authorized guest users.
  • The NetID provides authentication and authorization via both LDAP and Active Directory. It is also integrated with web-based single sign-on protocols using Jasig CAS (Central Authentication Service) and Shibboleth. Shibboleth provides federated identity-based authentication and authorization to sites in the Incommon/Edugain federations.
  • The account management team works with the various campuses to integrate their local identifiers, such as the UTCID, and their local services, such as the UTHSC Exchange email system, into the statewide system.
  • The account management team also provides a statewide unique numeric identifier that can be used in place of the social security number where possible. The NetID can be used both by central services, such as the

    IRISWeb, UTHSC iLogin, and MyUTK portals, and departmental services, such as the UTHSC library or the UTK Housing Office.