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NetID and Email Accounts

Students admitted to the University of Tennessee are assigned a Network ID (NetID). Your NetID is the username associated with your accounts for the University of Tennessee, and it is the first part of your University email address,

About Your NetID

Your NetID grants secure access to a variety of applications and services, including MyUTK and Online@UT.

You will have the opportunity to register for classes during your first advising session. You must know your NetID and password to register for classes.

Watch the video to learn more

About Your UT Email account, Volmail

Official University communication is sent to your UT email address (e.g., email from the Chancellor, Provost, or your professors, Volxpress Statements, all Online@UT communication, etc.).

Your UT email address is

All students are assigned UTK Gmail accounts and have access to the Google Workspace apps. In addition, all students have access to the suite of Microsoft 365 apps.

Additional information about your Volmail account, including instructions for configuring email for your smartphone, is available on the OIT Email website.

Learn more about the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace apps.

Create Your NetID Password and Login to Volmail

Step 1: Look up your NetID.

If you do not know your NetID, you can find it by searching for yourself using the UT Online Directory at

Note: Privacy is enabled for newly accepted students, and you may not be able to find your name by searching in the directory. If you cannot find your NetID, please refer to the instructions in the OIT Knowledge Base.

Find Your NetID in the Directory

Step 2: Setup your password and security questions.

Go to the Initial Password Setup page and follow the instructions to create your NetID Password. Please note the complexity requirements listed on the password change website. Your password will sync with your Volmail account after 15 minutes.

Note: NetID passwords expire every 180 days. You will receive several email reminders as the deadline approaches.  You can change or reset your password at any time from the Password Management site.

Step 3: Sign up for two-factor authentication.

Go to the Two-Factor Authentication sign-up page and follow the instructions to add two-factor to your NetID.  Complete the request from your laptop or desktop computer (not a mobile device or phone). During this process, you will need to have your smartphone available to set up Duo Mobile on your phone.

Step 4: Log into Volmail

Go to and choose Google as your email provider.  Sign in with your Volmail username and password.

Password: Your NetID password