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Instructional Support

Structuring Your Canvas Course for Student Success

  • Learn three easy steps to create a basic Canvas Course site.
  • Apply the OIT Canvas Course Template to new or existing courses for the instant structure that students crave.
  • Review the best practices for integrating third-party content, including textbooks.

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UT Canvas Catalog

The UT Knoxville-supported outreach platform for non-credit/non-degree certificate classes and programs for UT Knoxville and external audiences.

Learn more about UT Canvas Catalog

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Online Instructor Toolkit

A concise, to-the-point, website explaining all the common tools to take your course content online.

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Assessment & Academic Integrity

Online testing, plagiarism, and proctoring tools for instructors.

Learn more about Assessment and Academic Integrity

Accessibility & UDL

Learn strategies for making your course materials accessible and practicing UDL within Canvas to enhance learning for everyone!

Learn more about Accessibility & UDL

Visual Design for Instruction

Learn ways to translate your content into visual elements.

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Creating Lecture Recordings

Learn about various tools available to pre-record class lectures.

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Recordings Resource Guide

The service is available during normal business hours when the University is open for business, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

This service is offered at no additional cost to academic departments/faculty.

The costs of grant-funded instructional development projects are estimated based on an hourly rate of the staff involved for design and development.

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