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Instructional Support

Online Instructor Toolkit

University teaching and learning have transcended the physical boundaries of the classroom. UTK instructors and students can now connect and engage in learning through a variety of Internet-enabled technologies. Interest is growing in pedagogically sound online courses. An online course is delivered via the Internet and is comprised of instructional materials designed and developed to be student-centered and uses a variety of tools and techniques to facilitate communication and convey the subject matter.

OIT has developed the Online Instructor Toolkit to assist instructors in preparing and teaching their online courses.

Here is what you will find in each section of this website:

Course Design

Course Design

Course Design chart will guide you through the instructional design steps of analyzing, designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating your online course. Alternatively, you can access individual steps through the sub-menu links.

Online Toolkit Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools section provides information about specific software used to meet your instructional goals and objectives grouped by the following categories: Course Content, Learner Engagement, and Assessment.

Online Toolkit Glossary


Refer to the Glossary for definitions of the latest technology terms.

Online Toolkit Campus Resources

Campus Resources

This section contains the UTK Campus Resources that may be useful in course development and teaching.