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Video from a Mobile Device


A one-shot video from a mobile device is a simple way for you to produce a short (10 minutes or less) single-topic video using your own available video capture technology (e.g., camera, mobile phone, iPad, tablet). You hit Record, speak in front of the camera, and press Stop. There is no editing. Upload the video to YouTube or another video sharing site. Done! A mobile video is dynamic, engaging, lets your students see you, and appeals to the current video culture.

Features of Recording from a Moble Device

Feature Benefits
You probably already have a smartphone, iPad, tablet, or camera No need to learn something new or borrow equipment.
Quick to record It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Able to record demonstrations in the field You can take your device almost anywhere. Want to show a demonstration out in the field? Just head out and record.

When to Use Video from a Mobile Device

Record from your own mobile device when you want to record:

  • in the field, such as a structure, weather pattern, experiment
  • a quick answer to common questions
  • an informal video to keep in touch with students
  • demonstrate how to record an assignment

Tips on Recording from a Mobile Device

Check with your device manufacturer for instructions on how to record from your specific device.

General tips:

Audio: If recording outside, keep in mind that sound quality will suffer. You may want to use a separate microphone, headphone, AirPods, or other device to help with sound.

Video: hold your device stead. If you have access to a tripod, even better. Even small movements can cause motion sickness in some folks. Don’t swing the camera around quickly when panning. Use slow, steady movements

If you have questions about using your device for creating one-shot videos,  contact the OIT HelpDesk to schedule a consultation.