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Artificial Intelligence

OIT is committed to providing AI resources and tools that meet the university’s security and research standards. OIT’s solutions and collaborative environments allow faculty and staff to leverage UT data and stay up-to-date with the latest AI features and solutions. These resources provide unique features and will support various use cases to help the university community communicate more effectively, create content more efficiently, and improve productivity.

Artificial Intelligence Services for Research and Academics from OIT

Event Agenda and Details
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UT Verse

One of the two initial AI services OIT will provide will be the UT Verse. The UT Verse is a chat-based, AI-powered platform specific to the University of Tennessee community. This is UT’s generative AI chat, where you can have AI conversations about topics that are geared toward our internal audiences, university business, and research.

Features for the UT Verse include:

  • Easy access to AI Chat.
  • User and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization.
  • Chat data is available for internal use only and not shared with third-party groups or used to train the public AI models.
  • Manage access with UT Microsoft 365 accounts.
  • Ability to upload documents to prompt questions and analyze content. Coming soon!

Learn more about the UT Verse.

Access UT Verse by signing in with your UT email address and password.

Microsoft Copilot

The second AI service OIT provides is Copilot, an AI-powered platform used to search for information, create content, and communicate with others. It will provide relevant and up-to-date results from various sources, generate original and engaging content, and assist with writing & editing your content. Copilot will also help in locating additional information on your topic.

Copilot is available to all University of Tennessee faculty and staff with a Microsoft A5 license (see eligibility requirements).

Use Copilot for general AI conversations that do not include conversations about your research or proprietary university data. You can write prompts related to creating assignments, media campaigns, looking up Excel commands, and much more.

Features of Copilot

  • Search the web, images, news, and weather using simple queries or voice commands.
  • Create imaginative and innovative content
  • Translate your messages into different languages
  • Choose your conversation style: Creative, Balanced, Precise; each mode has different settings and capabilities that affect the quality and style of the results and content that Copilot provides.

Security Features

  • User and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization
  • Chat data is not saved, and it is not used to train the public AI models
  • Manage access with UT Microsoft 365 accounts

Learn more about Copilot on Microsoft’s website.

Access Copilot by signing in with your UT email address and password.

AI Tennessee Initiative Resources

High-performance computing resources for AI Tennessee Initiative projects are available on the ISAAC Next Generation cluster (ISAAC NG). These resources are provided to the University of Tennessee community by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (ORIED), and the AI Tennessee Initiative with collaboration and support from OIT. 

Learn more about the available AI Tennessee Initiative resources in the ISAAC NG cluster and how to get access to these resources at HPSC: AI Tennessee Initiative Resources and Access.

This service is available 24/7 but is dependent on internet and network connectivity. These services can be unavailable during scheduled and emergency maintenance. All efforts are made to perform maintenance during scheduled maintenance windows.

These services are available at no additional cost.

UT Verse: Faculty, staff, and students in the Knoxville Area, including UT Knoxville, UT System, Institute of Public Service, Institute of Agriculture, Space Institute.

Copilot: All University of Tennessee faculty and staff with a Microsoft A5 license