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Research Computing Support

Get help planning your research, acquiring data, analyzing data, and reporting results.

  • Get help analyzing data, including statistical consulting, qualitative analysis, geographic information systems, and machine learning.
  • Get help in designing studies or experiments, including determining sample size.
  • Find out the best way to acquire data, including designing web surveys, capturing websites, and importing third-party datasets.
  • Get help managing data, including cleaning, transforming, recoding, converting, stacking, or joining data sets.
  • Discover ways to explore your data for useful patterns using graphics, interactive geocoded maps, and data visualizations.
  • Get tips on finding the right combination of words, tables, and figures to present your results.
  • Need a co-author to help write or edit your results sections? We can help!
  • Find out how to download, install, and use research software such as ArcGIS, MATLAB, NVivo, R, SAS, SPSS, and many others.

For help with high performance and scientific computing services, ISAAC Open Enclave and ISAAC Secure Enclave, visit High Performance & Scientific Computing.

How to Contact Us

The OIT HelpDesk is the first point of contact for research computing support.