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Research Computing Support

Assisted Publications

Research Computing Support (RCS) offers University of Tennessee, Knoxville-area students, faculty, and staff the following support at no additional charge RCS offers students up to 15 hours of research computing assistance per semester. RCS offers faculty and staff up to 50 hours of research computing assistance per year.

We can provide technical assistance when you know the analysis method you need, but just need help getting the computer to do it. With manuscript co-authorship, we can also help you decide what methods of analysis would be best, and even help write or edit your results section.

If your consultation with us results in an intellectual contribution to a research paper, then acknowledgment or co-authorship would be warranted.  

It may take a week to get a one on one consultation during busy times of the semester, so please plan ahead. You may make an appointment with a consultant by contacting the HelpDesk.


The table below displays the ORCID iDs for active RCS team members:

RCS Manuscript Co-authorship

Research Computing Support group members have coauthored over 300 manuscripts as displayed below. This list primarily consists of academic manuscripts in peer reviewed journals.


[1] A comparison of time series methods for post-covid transit ridership forecasting.

[2] Cat owners do not provide more reliable weight estimates for cats compared with veterinary professionals in an emergency setting.

[3] Characterization of placentome vascular perfusion in relation to pregnancy associated glycoproteins throughout gestation in pregnant beef heifers.

[4] Clinical and histopathologic ocular findings in aquarium-housed cownose rays (rhinoptera bonasus).

[5] Demographic influences on adult hpv vaccination: results from a cross-sectional survey in tennessee.

[6] Depression in pregnant hispanic women: risk factors, pregnancy outcomes and plasma cytokines.

[7] Detection of mycoplasma spp. and feline calicivirus in cats with ocular surface disease.

[8] Gadoxetate disodium (gd-eob-dtpa) contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for differentiation between benign and malignant splenic lesions in dogs.

[9] Geospatial analysis of urban heat island effects and tree equity.

[10] Hematology and plasma chemistry comparisons among juvenile American black bears (ursus americanus) undergoing rehabilitation.

[11] Intraocular pressures of aquarium-housed cownose rays (rhinoptera bonasus) with normal and abnormal ophthalmic exams.

[12] Magnetic resonance imaging subtraction vs. pre- and post-contrast 3d gradient recalled echo fat suppressed imaging for evaluation of the canine and feline brain.

[13] Replacement of tibialis cranialis tendon with polyester, silicone-coated artificial tendon preserves biomechanical function in rabbits compared to tendon excision only.

[14] Retrospective evaluation of the effect of acid suppressant drugs on leukocyte ratios in dogs with mast cell tumors.

[15] The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on snake-bite-associated wounds in dogs.

[16] The effects of selected sedatives on basal and stimulated serum cortisol concentrations in healthy dogs.

[17] Tympanic membrane perforations cannot be reliably detected using computed tomography based on 15 cadaver dogs.

[18] Validity, reliability, and bias between instrumented pedals and loadsol insoles during stationary cycling.


[1] A descriptive methodology for studying the ontogeny of object play and breed differences in dogs (canis lupus familiaris).

[2] A retrospective study on the clinical use and owner perception of venlafaxine efficacy as part of a multimodal treatment for canine fear, anxiety, and aggression.

[3] Butorphanol-azaperone-medetomidine is as safe and effective as nalbuphine-azaperone-medetomidine for immobilization of juvenile American black bears (ursus americanus).

[4] Changes in tibial cortical dimensions and density associated with long-term locking plate fixation in goat.

[5] Characterizing spray deposits from variable- and constant-rate spray technologies: implications for future optimization to target trunk and foliar pests.

[6] Clinicopathologic and gastrointestinal effects of prednisone, prednisone/omeprazole, or prednisone/probiotic administration in dogs: a double-blind randomized trial.

[7] Comparison of gastric pH and serum gastrin between age-matched healthy dogs and dogs with CKD.

[8] Detecting fa leptin receptor mutation in Zucker rats with tetra-primer amplification-refractory mutation system (ARMS)-PCR.

[9] Distribution of equine and food animal emergency caseload by time of day, day of week, time of year, holiday, and phase of moon at an academic ambulatory and referral hospital.

[10] Echocardiographic measurements in anesthetized captive red pandas (ailurus fulgens).

[11] Effects of transdermal mirtazapine and oral gabapentin as pre-veterinary visit pharmaceuticals for shelter cats.

[12] Evaluation of agreement between oscillometric and direct blood pressure measurements in anesthetized tigers (panthera tigris).

[13] Evaluation of different methods of environmental enrichment to control anxiety in dogs undergoing hemilaminectomy after acute intervertebral disc extrusion: a randomized double-blinded study.

[14] Exploring ergodicity of associations between pre-exercise readiness and exercise-related effort and affective experience.

[15] Exposure to Cry1 toxins increases long flight tendency in susceptible but not in Cry1F-resistant female Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).

[16] Geospatial analysis of urban heat island effects and tree equity.

[17] Impact of fatty acid composition on markers of exocrine pancreatic stimulation in dogs.

[18] In vitro analysis and in vivo assessment of fracture complications associated with use of locking plate constructs for stabilization of caprine tibial segmental defects.

[19] Influence of diet and body condition on blood chemistry and body composition during the refeeding process.

[20] Intelligent spray technology to control pests in nursery and orchard systems with reduced pesticide application rates.

[21] Intelligent, variable-rate spray technology reduces total pesticide output while controlling foliar disease of Shumard oak.

[22] Magnetic resonance imaging dynamic subtraction versus pre and post contrast 3D gradient echo imaging for evaluation of the canine and feline brain.

[23] Metabolic gene expression between emaciated and moderately conditioned horses across various tissue types.

[24] Monitoring trends in antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of bacterial isolates from horses with ulcerative keratitis.

[25] Nurses’ short-term sickness absences before and after the implementation of a brief napping opportunity during night shifts.

[26] Nutrition-related information shared by latine influencers: A Youtube content analysis.

[27] One health initiative: delusional parasitosis needs assessment, Tennessee 2022.

[28] Pet owners provide a more reliable weight estimate for dogs compared to veterinary professionals in an emergency setting.

[29] Psychological determinants of African American men meeting and not meeting aerobic physical activity guidelines.

[30] Radiographic lung congestion score in dogs admitted for acute congestive heart failure due to myxomatous mitral valve disease.

[31] Reduced order modeling to characterize the damage tolerance of composite/metal structure.

[32] Replacement of tibialis cranialis tendon with polyester, silicone-coated artificial tendon preserves biomechanical function in rabbits.

[33] Short-term effects of a single pulsed electromagnetic field therapy session on lameness, gait quality, and stress in moderately exercising horses.

[34] Systematic and proportional bias using loadsol during stationary cycling.

[35] Tethered oral tissue release among breastfed infants: maternal sources of information, referral, and surgical intervention.

[36] The development of object play in wolf puppies (canis lupus).

[37] Utility of urine antigen testing for diagnosis of blastomycosis in nondomestic felids. 

[38] Validation of a human paper-based blood typing method for use in pet pigs.


[1] Automated leaching fraction-based irrigation system reduces leaching, conserves water, and supports crop growth in a commercial nursery.

[2] Characterization of the fecal microbiome in dogs receiving medical management for congenital portosystemic shunts.

[3] Clinicopathologic and gastrointestinal effects of prednisone, prednisone/omeprazole, or prednisone/probiotic administration in dogs: a double-blind randomized trial.

[4] Comparison of error rates between 4 artificial intelligence and 14 board-certified radiologists when evaluating 15 labels of canine thoracic radiographs.

[5] Comparison of steroid and thyroid hormone concentrations in blood serum and plasma of captive tigers (panthera tigris).

[6] Consistency of affective valence across bouts of muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercise in college students.

[7] Developing and validating a stifle function score in dogs.

[8] Difference in the 24-hour glucose cycle by physical activity level in women with pregnancy hyperglycemia.

[9] Does quality of novice hand-tied square knots improve with repetition during a single training session?

[10] Effect of antimicrobial use and selection (empiric vs. definitive) on postoperative complications in dogs and cats undergoing total ear canal ablation with lateral bulla osteotomy: 120 cases (2009-2019).

[11] Effects of intravenous acepromazine and butorphanol on propofol dosage for induction of anesthesia in healthy beagle dogs. 

[12] Effects of spectral shaping on speech auditory brainstem responses to stop consonant-vowel syllables. https://doi.og/10.1055/a-1764-9805

[13] Endometrial hyperplasia and pyometra in captive lions (panthera leo) and tigers (panthera tigris).

[14] Evaluation of a long-acting injectable omeprazole in healthy dogs.

[15] Evaluation of a pet-separating automatic feeder and high frequency meal feeding for weight loss in multiple cat households.

[16] Fentanyl-induced sleep disruption in c57bl/6j (b6) mice is not secondary to increased motor activity or hypothermia.

[17] Gastrointestinal transit time is faster in Beagle dogs compared to cats.

[18] Mesenchymal stem cell use in acute tendon injury: In vitro tenogenic potential vs. in vivo dose response.

[19] Morbidity and mortality of free-ranging American black bears (Ursus Americanus) undergoing rehabilitation in eastern Tennessee (1996-2021). 

[20] Multiracial race self-labeling decisions: the influence of gender, social class, and political party affiliation. https://10.3390/socsci11020087

[21] Nondeterministic parameter space characterization of the damage tolerance of a composite/metal structure.

[22] Nutrition-related information shared by Latine influencers:  A youtube content analysis.

[23] Postures of the arms in the first two months of life.

[24] Retrospective comparison of perioperative factors and long-term outcomes between cystoscopic-assisted cystotomy (cac) and traditional open cystotomy (oc) in dogs and cats: 218 cases (2010-2019). 

[25] Social capital or economic structures? A multi-level examination of community factors associated with diet quality.

[26] The effect of remifentanil infusion on sevoflurane macnm and bispectral index in dogs.

[27] The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of midazolam after intravenous administration to donkeys.

[28] Validation of the wellness promotion competency model: An exploratory factor analysis 

[29] Veterinary students’ use of learning objectives.


[1] A common celiacomesenteric trunk is a rare anatomic variant in dogs and not associated with portosystemic shunts. 

[2] A prospective, randomized, masked, placebo-controlled crossover study to evaluate the effect of 10mg omeprazole capsules in dogs.

[3] Abdominal ultrasound and clinicopathologic findings in 22 cats with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

[4] Advia myeloperoxidase index in LPS-treated dogs.

[5] Browning white adipose tissue using adipose stromal cell-targeted resveratrol-loaded nanoparticles for combating obesity.

[6] Chemically mediated self and social recognition in sibling juvenile common gartersnakes (Thamnophis sirtalis): evidence for a chemical mirror?

[7] Click-evoked and speech-evoked auditory brainstem responses from individuals with multiple sclerosis.

[8] Clinical characteristics, prognostic factors, and long-term outcome in dogs diagnosed with multiple acquired portosystemic shunts (MAPSS) (2000-2018).

[9] Coal char effects on soil chemical properties and maize yields in semi-arid region.

[10] Cognitive Measures and the Acceptable Noise Level.

[11] Comparison of a deep learning algorithm vs. humans for vertebral heart scale measurements in cats and dogs shows a high degree of agreement among readers.

[12] Dexmedetomidine prolongs the duration of action of mepivacaine on anesthesia of the palmar digital nerves of horses.

[13] Effect of topical florfenicol, terbinafine, and mometasone furoate on adrenocortical function in healthy small breed dogs with bilateral otitis externa.

[14] Effects of synbiotics on the fecal microbiome and metabolomic profiles of healthy research dogs administered antibiotics: a randomized, controlled, trial.

[15] Evaluation of agreement between oscillometric and direct blood pressure measurement techniques in anesthetized captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).

[16] Free-living validation and harmonization of 10 wearable step-count monitors.

[17] Leachate and irrigation sensor development and performance in container nursery production.

[18] Magnetic resonance imaging features of extradural spinal neoplasia in 67 dogs and cats.

[19] Magnetic resonance imaging has high agreement with computed tomography in the identification of skull fractures in a canine and feline cadaver model.

[20] Pathways to connection: an intensive longitudinal examination of state and dispositional hope, day quality, and everyday interpersonal interaction.

[21] Repeatability and accuracy of a novel, quantitative radiographic method for differentiating normal canine sacroiliac joints from joints with subluxation or luxation: Pilot study.

[22] Subjective Appetite Stimulating Effects of Omeprazole in Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Crossover Clinical Trial.

[23] Tethered oral tissue release among breastfed infants: maternal experiences.

[24] The effect of postoperative oral antibiotic therapy on the incidence of postoperative endophthalmitis after phacoemulsification surgery in dogs: 368 eyes (1997-2010.

[25] Use of Simulation to Measure the Effects of Just-in-Time Information to Prevent Nursing Medication Errors: A Randomized Controlled Study.

[26] Using the Intact Human Hand to Benchmark Real-Time Myoelectric Control Performance for Robotic Interfaces.

[27] Validation of the College Planning Behaviors Scale.

[28] Validation of the wellness promotion competency model: An exploratory factor analysis.

[29] Variable-rate spray technology optimizes pesticide applications by adjusting seasonal shift in deciduous perennial corps.

[30] Veterinary Students’ Use of Learning Objectives.


[1] Artificial intelligence evaluating primary thoracic lesions has an overall lower error rate compared to veterinarians or veterinarian in conjunction with the artificial intelligence.

[2] Bacterial urinary tract infection: utility of urine myeloperoxidase concentration to predict urine culture results in dogs.

[3] Better together? A pilot study of romantic partner influence on exercise adherence and cardiometabolic risk in african-american couples

[4] Color-coded 3d-printed equine carpus models integrated into veterinary student normal radiographic anatomy curriculum are preferred by students but do not results in statistically different academic performance

[5] Comparative analysis of the effect of iv administered acid suppressants on gastric ph in dogs.

[6] Comparative analysis of the effect of orally administered acid suppressants on gastric ph in cats.

[7] Correlation of mock board examination scores during anatomic pathology residency training with performance on the certifying examination.

[8] Effect of monitor placement on the daily step counts of wrist and hip activity monitors.

[9] Effect of site of sample collection and prandial state on blood glucose concentrations measured with a portable blood glucose meter in healthy dogs.

[10] Effects of aging on the subcortical encoding of stop consonants.

[11] Effects of clopidogrel and prednisone on platelet function in healthy dogs.

[12] Effects of different drying methods on smears of canine blood and effusion fluid.

[13] Efficacy and duration of effect for liposomal bupivacaine when administered perineurally to the palmar digital nerves of horses.

[14] Evaluation of agreement between oscillometric and direct blood pressure measurement techniques in anesthetized captive chimpanzees.

[15] Examination of laryngeal function of healthy dogs by using sedation protocols with dexmedetomidine.

[16] Leachate and irrigation sensor development and performance in container nursery production.

[17] Magnetic resonance imaging has high agreement with computed tomography in the identification of skull fractures in a canine and feline cadaver model.

[18] Metabolome of mouse prefrontal cortex is significantly altered by isoflurane anesthesia.

[19] Neurotransmitter networks in mouse prefrontal cortex are reconfigured by isoflurane anesthesia.

[20] Postpartum anxiety, breastfeeding self-efficacy & breastfeeding outcomes.

[21] Sedative effects and pharmacokinetics of detomidine when administered intravenously and intravaginally as a gel to alpacas.

[22] Step count error of activity monitors for patients in phase ii cardiac rehabilitation.

[23] Tensile properties of synthetic, absorbable monofilament suture materials before and after incubation in phosphate‐buffered saline.

[24] The duration of effect and the efficacy of liposomal bupivacaine administered adjacent to the palmar digital nerves of the horse.

[25] The effects of combined carprofen and omeprazole administration on gastrointestinal permeability and injury in dogs.

[26] The effects of procedure duration and atipamezole administration on hyperkalemia in tigers (panthera tigris) and lions (panthera leo) anesthetized with alpha-2 agonists.

[27] The pharmacokinetics of midazolam in sevoflurane-anesthetized cats.

[28] The Use of Static and Dynamic Cues for Vowel Identification by Children Wearing Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants.

[29] Traffic noise and responses to a simulated approaching avian predator in mixed‐species flocks of chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches.

[30] Use of simulation to measure the effects of just-in-time information to prevent nursing medication errors: a randomized controlled study.


[1] A dynamic laser-guided sprayer reduces pesticide use in large pot-in-pot production.

[2] Accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging in the detection of skull fractures in a canine and feline cadaver model using computed tomography as the gold standard.

[3] Administration of certain sedative drugs is associated with variation in sonographic and radiographic splenic size in healthy cats.

[4] Assessing tipping bucket-based irrigation and leachate sensor performance.

[5] Changing social justice attitudes toward lesbians and gay men evaluating three interventions.

[6] Characterizing spray penetration of a novel sprayer into malus domestica ‘golden delicious’ apple trees at a commercial orchard.

[7] Clinical, clinicopathologic, and gastrointestinal changes from administration of clopidogrel, prednisone, or combination in healthy dogs: a double‐blind randomized trial.

[8] Clinical, clinicopathologic, and gastrointestinal changes from aspirin, prednisone, or combination treatment in healthy research dogs: a double‐blind randomized trial.

[9] Common origin of the celiac and cranial mesenteric arteries in dogs.

[10] Comparison of heparinized saline and 0.9% sodium chloride for maintaining central venous catheter patency in healthy dogs.

[11] Cortisol, progesterone, 17α-hydroxyprogesterone, and TSH responses in dogs injected with low-dose lipopolysaccharide.

[12] Development and validation of a pacer prediction equation for VO2peak in 10- to 15-year-old youth.

[13] Differential heliothine susceptibility to CRY1Ac associated with gut proteolytic activity.

[14] Dominant vs. non-dominant wrist placement of activity monitors: impact on steps per day.

[15] Effect of fentanyl on the induction dose and minimum infusion rate of alfaxalone preventing movement in dogs.

[16] Effects of a synbiotic on the fecal microbiome and metabolomic profiles of healthy research cats administered clindamycin: a randomized, controlled trial.

[17] Effects of brief intermittent walking bouts on step count accuracy of wearable devices.

[18] Effects of landscape on the distributions of nutrients and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in an urban river system.

[19] Effect of site of sample collection and prandial state on blood glucose concentrations measured with a portable blood glucose meter in healthy dogs.

[20] Evaluating the popularity of R in ecology.

[21] Evaluation of the effect of a famotidine continuous rate infusion on intragastric pH in healthy dogs.

[22] Impact of feeding method on overall activity of indoor, client‐owned dogs.

[23] Incorporating technology into the iCook 4-H program, a cooking intervention for adults and children: randomized controlled trial.

[24] Indirect doppler flow systolic blood pressure measurements taken with and without headphones in privately-owned, conscious dogs.

[25] Operational efficiency of school-based vs. community-based summer food service programs.

[26] Pharmacokinetics of midazolam in sevoflurane-anesthetized cats.

[27] Postmortem evaluation of renal tubular vacuolization in critically ill dogs.

[28] Randomized, controlled, crossover trial of prevention of antibiotic‐induced gastrointestinal signs using a synbiotic mixture in healthy research dogs.

[29] Readiness to perform aerobic activity in adults with obesity: a thematic analysis of online surveys.

[30] The frequency of oral famotidine administration influences its effect on gastric pH in cats over time.

[31] The use of canopeo for seedling cotton health ratings in small plot research.


[1] Buprenorphine depresses respiratory variability in obese mice with altered leptin signaling.

[2] Echocardiographic parameters in eight adult tigers (panthera tigris) during two phases of an anesthetic protocol.

[3] Expression of receptor tyrosine kinase targets PDGFR-β, VEGFR2 and KIT in canine transitional cell carcinoma.

[4] Factors associated with seroprevalence of anaplasma marginale in Kentucky cattle.

[5] Gadolinium contrast medium administration does not adversely affect T2*-weighted gradient recalled echo magnetic resonance imaging of the canine brain at 1.5 tesla.

[6] Impacts of glutaraldehyde on microbial community structure and degradation potential in streams impacted by hydraulic fracturing.

[7] Incorporating technology in the iCook-4H intervention program for youth and adults (preprint).

[8] Indomethacin enhances brown fat activity.

[9] Low-grade gastrointestinal lymphoma in dogs: 20 cases (2010 to 2016).

[10] Mechlorethamine, vincristine, melphalan and prednisolone rescue chemotherapy protocol for resistant feline lymphoma.

[11] Omeprazole minimally alters the fecal microbial community in six cats: a pilot study.

[12] Pilot study evaluating the effect of feeding method on overall activity of neutered indoor pet cats.

[13] Promoting acceptance of direct load control programs in the United States: financial incentive versus control option.

[14] Resort mystery shopping: a case study of hotel service.

[15] Retrospective analysis of the effect of acid-suppressant therapy on clinicopathologic parameters of cats with chronic kidney disease.×17718132

[16] Seasonally-relevant cool temperatures increase microcystin production in lab cultures of microcystis aeruginosa NIES-843.

[17] Short and long-term effects of symbiotic on clinical signs, the fecal microbiome, and metabolomic profiles in healthy research cats receiving clindamycin: a randomized controlled, trial.

[18] Stauratostoma shelleyi n. gen., n. sp. (nematoda: rhabditida: thelastomatidae) from Appalachian polydesmid millipedes (polydesmida: xystodesmidae).

[19] Use of plethysmographic variability index and perfusion index to evaluate changes in arterial blood pressure in anesthetized tigers (panthera tigris).

[20] Using ecological momentary assessment to explore proposed indices of exercise readiness and subsequent exercise behavior.

[21] Using ecological momentary assessment to explore proposed indices of exercise readiness and subsequent exercise behavior.

[22] Video-recorded validation of wearable step counters under free-living conditions.


[1] Comparison of two methods for determining prevalence of macrorhabdus ornithogaster in a flock of captive budgerigars (melopsittacus undulatus).

[2] Effect of dexmedetomidine on the minimum infusion rate of propofol preventing movement in dogs.

[3] Effect of environmental noise and music on dexmedetomidine-induced sedation.

[4] Effects of television on enjoyment of exercise in college students.

[5] Effects of various factors on doppler flow ultrasonic radial and coccygeal artery systolic blood pressure measurements in privately-owned, conscious dogs.

[6] Employee turnover forecasting for human resource management based on time series analysis.

[7] Evaluation of gastric pH and serum gastrin concentrations in cats with chronic kidney disease.

[8] Feasibility of conducting ecological momentary assessment of exercise antecedents using an online survey distribution platform.

[9] Icook 4-H: parenting typology reflected in youth created cooking videos.

[10] Investigation of enrofloxacin-associated retinal toxicity in non-domestic felids.

[11] Investigation of parameters predicting the need for diagnostic imaging beyond computed tomography in the evaluation of dogs with thoracolumbar myelopathy: retrospective evaluation of 555 dogs.

[12] Prior joint disease is associated with increased risk of periarticular histiocytic sarcoma in dogs.

[13] Randomized, controlled, crossover trial of prevention of clindamycin-induced gastrointestinal signs using a synbiotic in healthy research cats.

[14] Relations between speech production, speech perception, and spelling in children with complex communication needs: a preliminary examination.

[15] Repeated famotidine administration results in a diminished effect on intragastric pH in dogs.

[16] Stepwatch accuracy during walking, running, and intermittent activities.

[17] Use of video conferencing for lactation consultation: an online cross-sectional survey of mothers’ acceptance in the United States.

[18] Viewing television while walking.


[1] A prospective, placebo-controlled pilot evaluation of the effect of omeprazole on serum calcium, magnesium, cobalamin, gastrin concentrations, and bone in cats.

[2] Biological variation of thromboelastrography variables in 10 clinically healthy horses.

[3] Determinants of employee voluntary turnover and forecasting in r&d departments: a case study.

[4] Development and validation of a pacer prediction equation for vo2peak in 10-15 year old youth.

[5] Effect of fentanyl on the induction dose and minimum infusion rate of propofol preventing movement in dogs.

[6] Efficacy and effects of various anti-crib devices on behavior and physiology of crib-biting horses.

[7] Evaluation of pulse oximetry in brachycephalic dogs.

[8] The effectiveness of cooling conditions on temperature of canine EDTA whole blood samples.

[9] The effects of cooling conditions on EDTA whole canine blood samples.

[10] Validity of self-reported pedometer steps per day in college students.


[1] A combination of probiotics and whey proteins enhances antiobesity effects of calcium and dairy products during nutritional energy restriction in aP2-agouti transgenic mice.

[2] Effects of television viewing on enjoyment of exercise in college students.

[3] Efficacy of intravenous administration of combined acid suppressants in healthy dogs.

[4] Evaluation of the effect of oral acid suppressants on intragastric pH in cats.

[5] Maintenance energy requirements of odor detection, explosive detection and human detection working dogs.


[1] A study of energy efficiency in residential buildings in Knoxville, Tennessee.

[2] Effects of freezing on tissue factor activity in a thromboelastrography assay.

[3] Evaluation of a semiquantitative snap test for measurement of bile acids in dogs.

[4] Responses of three natural enemy species to contact and systemic insecticide exposures in confined assays.

[5] The pattern of association between u.s. economic indicators and infant mortality rates at the state level.

[6] The semantics of time and space: a thematic analysis.


[1] Diagnostic accuracy of tissue impedance measurement interpretation for correct veress needle placement in feline cadavers.

[2] Magnetic resonance imaging of the canine abdomen: Effect of pulse sequence on diagnostic quality.


[1] A perioperative management algorithm for cardiac rhythm management devices: the paced-op protocol.

[2] Age-associated cartilage degeneration of the canine humeral head.

[3] Evaluation of mast cells in dermal versus subcutaneous hemangiomas and hemangiosarcomas in dogs.

[4] Hepatic copper and iron accumulation and histologic findings in 104 feline liver biopsies.

[5] NCAA Division-I administrators’ perceptions of the benefits of sport psychology services and possible roles for a consultant.

[6] Predictors of body mass index in female parents whose children participate in a competitive, creative, problem-solving program.


[1] Change: how young voters interpreted the messages sent during the 2008 presidential election season.

[2] Evaluation of the safety of intravenous administration of brilliant blue g in dogs .

[3] Protein C activity in dogs: adaptation of a commercial human colorimetric assay and evaluation of effects of storage, time and temperature.

[4] R for SAS and SPSS users.


[1] An exploratory investigation of NCAA Division-I coaches.

[2] Assignment choice: Do students choose briefer assignments or finishing what they started?.

[3] Effects of dairy compared with soy on oxidative and inflammatory stress in overweight and obese subjects.

[4] Host utilization of field-caged native and introduced thistle species by rhinocyllus conicus.

[5] Influence of push and pull motivations on satisfaction and behavioral intentions within a culinary tourism event.

[6] Measuring transformational and charismatic leadership: Why isn’t charisma measured?.

[7] Physical discipline and socioemotional adjustment among Jamaican adolescents.

[8] R for STATA users.

[9] Role of essential oils in control of rhizoctonia damping-off in tomato with bioactive monarda herbage.


[1] Agreement between values for arterial and end-tidal partial pressures of carbon dioxide in spontaneously breathing, critically ill dogs.

[2] Health information disparities? determining the relationship between age, poverty, and rate of calls to a consumer and patient health information service.

[3] Leucine modulation of mitochondrial mass and oxygen consumption in skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes.

[4] NCAA Division-I student-athletes’ receptivity to mental skills training by sport psychology consultants.

[5] Problem-solving ability in elementary school-age children with hearing impairment.

[6] Retirement intentions of the public health nutrition workforce.

[7] Semantic framing in the build-up to the Iraq war: Fox v. CNN and other U.S. broadcast news programs.

[8] Type a botulinum toxin–induced antibody production: A murine model of antibody response.


[1] Acceptance of noise growth patterns in hearing aid users.

[2] Calcitriol and calcium regulate cytokine production and adipocyte-macrophage cross-talk.

[3] Calcitriol and energy metabolism.

[4] Dietary calcium and dairy products modulate oxidative and inflammatory stress in mice and humans.

[5] Dietary calcium for reducing the production of reactive oxygen species .

[6] Effects of dairy intake on weight maintenance.

[7] Role of calcitriol and cortisol on human adipocyte proliferation and oxidative and inflammatory stress: a microarray study.


[1] 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 modulation of adipocyte reactive oxygen species production.

[2] Calcium and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 regulation of adipokine expression.

[3] Leucine and calcium regulate fat metabolism and energy partitioning in murine adipocytes and muscle cells.

[4] Methods of reducing the production of reactive oxygen species and methods of screening or identifying compounds and compositions that reduce the production of reactive oxygen species.


[1] A national  survey for Aleutian disease prevalence in ranch mink herds in Canada.

[2] Acceptable noise level as a predictor of hearing aid use.

[3] Acceptable noise level: reliability measures and comparison to preference for background sounds.

[4] Correlation of perioperative platelet function and coagulation tests with bleeding after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.

[5] Prospective evaluation of platelet b2 bradykinin and thrombopoietin receptor levels from preeclamptic compared to non-preeclamptic pregnancy patients.

[6] Statistical analysis of real-time PCR data.


[1] Comparison of modified thrombelastograph and plateletworks whole blood assays to optical platelet aggregation for monitoring reversal of clopidogrel inhibition in elective surgery patients.

[2] Lack of thrombopoietin potentiation of platelet collagen activation in the first trimester is associated with preeclampsia.

[3] Reliability of reporting of self-monitoring of blood glucose in pregnant women.


[1] A novel thrombelastograph tissue factor/kaolin assay of activated clotting times for monitoring heparin anticoagulation during cardiopulmonary bypass.

[2] Calcium and dairy products inhibit weight and fat regain during ad libitum consumption following energy restriction in aP2-agouti transgenic mice.

[3] Giant platelet disorder in the cavalier king charles spaniel.

[4] Role of uncoupling protein 2 (ucp2) expression and 1alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 in modulating adipocyte apoptosis.


[1] Effects of mitochondrial uncoupling on adipocyte intracellular CA(2+) and lipid metabolism.


[1] Cluster analysis of patrons of Indian and riverboat casino.

[2] Spiritual high vs high on spirits: is religiosity related to adolescent alcohol and drug abuse?.

Publication prior to 2000

[1] 1999 – Keeping the faith or just blowing smoke. https://10.3109/10884609909059850

[2] 1999 – Self-fulfilling prophecy and hypnotic response are not the same thing.

[3] 1998 – A study of self-esteem among well adolescents: Seeking a new direction.

[4] 1998 – Mealtime communication patterns of infants from 2 to 24 months of age.

[5] 1998 – Methylphenidate effects on eeg, behavior, and performance in boys with ADHD.

[6] 1998 – Self-esteem in adolescents treated in an outpatient mental health setting.

[7] 1998 – Toddlers’ food preferences: concordance with family members’ preferences.

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