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Creating Lecture Recordings with Microsoft PowerPoint


PowerPoint can be a good choice for creating a simple online lecture. It allows you to provide information in addition to the visuals on the slides, such as voice explanations of a graphic, definitions, facts, and examples. You can easily create a narrated slide presentation with a video of yourself using the recording feature in PowerPoint.

Watch this video from Microsoft to learn how to record a lecture using PowerPoint. Note, to turn on the camera, simply choose the camera icon in the bottom right. 

Features of PowerPoint Recording

Feature Benefits
Co-create with peers This feature is available in PowerPoint Online, so anyone you share your PowerPoint editing capabilities with will be able to add to the recording. 
Edit individual slides If you make a mistake or have new information to add, you can re-record slide-by-slide. The rest of your recording will remain the same.
Control animations As you record, you can control any animations as you speak. For example, if you have text you wish to appear at a certain point in your narriation, you can control when it appears rather than depending on pre-made timings.
Annotations Access the PowerPoint annotations features while you are recording to highlight important facts or emphasize parts of a diagram.
Speaker notes While you record, you can view your speaker notes to help you remember important information without looking away from the camera.


When to Use PowerPoint

Use PowerPoint to record your lectures if you want a simple way to record and do not need advanced editing features. 

PowerPoint Training

If you would like to learn how to record your presentation in PowerPoint, check out some of these training resources.

OIT Training: PowerPoint: Recording Your Lecture with PowerPoint
Enroll in OIT’s asynchronous training available on Canvas Catalog which covers how to record your PowerPoint lecture on both Windows and Mac. Topics include: 

  • Looking good on camera 
  • Sound quality 
  • Presenter Coach 

OIT Resource: How to Record a Presentation in PowerPoint
OIT Knowledge Base article with step-by-step directions and screenshots.

LinkedIn Learning: Record a PowerPoint Presentation
From LinkedIn Learning, this less than four-minute training video provides a quick overview of how to record your PowerPoint. Access LinkedIn Learning content with your UT NetID and password.

Microsoft: Record a Presentation
Microsoft PowerPoint training.