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Creating Lecture Recordings with LiveOnline@UT (Zoom)


LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) is UT’s branded version of the Zoom application. Zoom offers a variety of online meeting tools for instructors and students, including high-definition audio and video, screen sharing, online text chat, and breakout rooms.

Instructors may incorporate Zoom into their courses in many different ways, from semester class meetings, online office hours, to inviting guest speakers to “join” their class via Zoom.

If the Zoom meeting is recorded, the recording will save by default to the local computer, and the recording will save as a MP4. Additional recording file versions may be included in the recording package automatically, and these versions include a MP3 file and a .txt file of the online chat. The meeting leader can upload the MP4 version of the recording to any number of media streaming or sharing locations, including YouTube, Google Drive, and an Office 365 Video Channel. For more information on the options for saving and sharing Zoom recordings, please contact the contact the OIT HelpDesk online at 865-974-9900.

Free access to Zoom is available to all UTK faculty, staff and students. Our license structure includes several different levels of Zoom accounts, ranging from Zoom Basic to Zoom Webinar. UTK faculty and staff may request a Zoom Pro level account that allows users to host unlimited meetings, for an unlimited duration, with up to 50 participants in the meeting. Additional options are available. Please visit our Zoom Getting Started page or contact us with any questions regarding the different Zoom accounts.

Advantages for Student Learning

Real-time communication facilitates interaction and meaningful engagement among students. The Zoom application allows students to participate in an online class from their computers or mobile devices, and engage in discussions, content sharing, and small-group activities.

During the Zoom meeting, students may activate communication tools to include microphones, webcams, and the online text chat tool. Students can also use the Share Screen tool to share content from their device. If Breakout Rooms are engaged in the meeting, students can join small groups to work on an assignment or discuss a topic, and then share their work once they return to the main meeting room.


LiveOnline@UT(Zoom) became quickly a favorite among the UT community. It’s easy to use, it’s reliable, and it ensure a good quality video and audio. As compared to other methods of lecture creation, the video recording cannot be edited within the Zoom software.

When to Use LiveOnline@UT (Zoom)

Below are examples of situations in which LiveOnline@UT would be a great choice to record your lecture.

The Situation LiveOnline@UT will allow you to…
You already use LiveOnline@UT and are comfortable with it. record your session and save the recording as an mp4 file.
You want your recording to include webcam and PowerPoint slides. include the webcom video broadcast as well as lecture materials in the content window.
You want to show how to use a software application. demonstrate the use of a software application using the Screen Share feature.
You want to show and discuss a website. record your comments as you navigate the website using the Screen Share feature.
You want students to be able to view your lectures on mobile devices. Zoom automatically converts to MP4 so it will play on a mobile device.

Examples of LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) Videos

Dr. Sally Harris, English

Dr. Harris created these online lectures recorded using Zoom as part of a learning module in Canvas.

English 295: Writing in the Workplace Lecture Part 1 and Part 2

Professor Sukey Steckel

Professor Steckel archived her LiveOnline@UT sessions recorded using Zoom.

Social Work 528

Ease of Use

If you are familiar with LiveOnline@UT, you know how to setup and record a live classroom session. You can then convert those recordings to a variety of formats.

For assistance, check for the availability of a face-to-face workshop or contact OIT to schedule a consultation.

Cost and Storage


Free access to Zoom is available to all UTK faculty, staff and students.


Zoom MP4s may be uploaded to YouTube, Google Drive, Office 365 Video Channel, and other cloud storage or media streaming options. OIT encourages you to discuss with its staff how to provide your students access to your videos. Possible solutions for storing your videos include:

Contact OIT for assistance.

Is LiveOnline@UT right for me?

Is LiveOnline@UT the best method for creating your online lectures? Only you can evaluate whether or notLiveOnline@UT can meet your needs for creating online lectures, but the questions below may help you think it through.

 The situation Feedback
Are you familiar with LiveOnline@UT?


Consider using LiveOnline@UT.
Need to share lectures quickly and easily with your class?


Consider using LiveOnline@UT.
Is it likely that your recording will need editing? Another method may be preferred.
Do you want your recording to smoothly alternate between views of you speaking and visual content?


Consider using LiveOnline@UT.
Do you want to add closed caption to your recording? Another method may be preferred.