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Instructional Support

Creating Lecture Recordings with Panopto


Panopto is a content management platform that allows you to record, share live events, and manage video and audio lectures. With Panopto, you don’t need to worry about where to post your video, because all your content is catalogued in a secure video library that integrates with Canvas.

Panopto is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Use it via your web browser or a downloaded desktop application. You can record and broadcast your video, the content of your screen, and any other video sources connected to the computer while using either of the two recording options. UT Knoxville’s Panopto enterprise license is fully integrated with Canvas and Zoom.


Panopto features include the ability to:

  • record lecture video and audio content
  • live webcast
  • integrate with Canvas
  • deliver lecture content to any device
  • search for spoken and slide content within recordings
  • include quizzes within recorded content
  • allow for editing
  • provide closed captions
  • manage content
  • access detailed viewer analytics

Advantages for Student Learning

The benefits of using Panopto include its ability to broadcast live events, record lectures, as well as provide versatile playback and ease of use for viewers. Advanced search functions within recordings allow faculty and students to easily locate content. Editing tools enable the presenter to trim, amend, and customize presentations and lectures. Panopto also provides unlimited storage and detailed viewer analytics.

When to Use Panopto

Panopto is the best choice in these situations:

You want to…Panopto will allow you to…
Record a lecture inside or outside the classroom environmentRecord all video and audio sources and easily share with viewers
Edit lecturesEdit lectures using any web browser
Monitor participationView detailed viewer analytics
Search a recording for specific contentSearch spoken and slide content within recordings

More information on live broadcasts of presentations

Panopto is a system that allows you to record or live broadcast presentations. If you need to have face-to-face interactions with your audience, you’ll want to use Zoom. For more information about Webcasting and live broadcasting a class, please visit the following service pages:

Examples of Panopto Videos

Ease of Use

Panopto’s basic features are relatively easy to learn; more advanced features may require some training.

For assistance, enroll in the Panopto online workshop or contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 865-974-9900 for a consultation. For more information on using Panopto, refer to the OIT Panopto website.

Cost and Storage

Price – Panopto is available at no additional cost for all UTK faculty, staff, and students.

Storage – Unlimited storage is available via Panopto. All content is stored within the Panopto interface and is accessible through Canvas, a departmental site, or a personal Panopto catalog.