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Instructional Support

Online Course Design

Follow the visual model below to explore the process of developing and teaching an online course. Alternatively, you can access individual steps through the sub-menu links.

So you want to teach an online course?

Step 1: AnalyzeDetermine why an online course is needed, what it will take to teach it, and what resources and support are available. Clarify student learning objectives. Determine possible online course delivery methods and technology requirements. Analyze!

Step 2: Design

Good online pedagogy starts with good pedagogy. Map out your course by matching the learning objectives with selected instructional strategies and assessments. Set up a course site and finalize your syllabus. Design!

Step 3: Develop

Once you’ve built a steady frame for your course, the next step is to build a course site that is a welcoming and easy to use virtual learning space. Develop online content, activities, assignments, and assessments. Develop!

Step 4: DeliverFor successful course delivery, allow time for the course introduction; foster student engagement and interactions during the semester; effectively facilitate online discussions; and implement course and time management strategies. Deliver!

Step 5: EvaluateAssessment should be present throughout the course development and implementation process: from course needs to student learning and course effectiveness. Evaluate!