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Software/Hardware Procurement, Distribution, and Licensing

Kivuto WebStore

Microsoft has partnered with the Kivuto WebStore to provide students with software at little to no cost, depending on your affiliation with the University of Tennessee.


  • ONE copy of Windows 10 or Windows 11 at no cost.  This copy of Windows is available to you as part of the University’s Campus Agreement.
  • Eligible students include any student whose primary affiliation is “student” and who is registered for classes.
  • Windows 10 and 11 from Kivuto can be used for Apple Boot Camp (Intel-based Macs).
  • The Windows 11 license obtained from Kivuto can be used in Parallels on M-based Macs.

How to Access the Kivuto WebStore

  • Select the Faculty/Staff tab or the Student tab to access the software available to you.  Software offerings are based on your primary affiliation.
  • Select your software and add it to your cart. Faculty and staff may make multiple purchases.

Access Guarantee for Windows

An Access Guarantee allows you to download software and retrieve product keys from an order  after the order was placed. Check out the Kivuto webstore for information about the different levels.

In the event that you need to reinstall this software, OIT strongly encourages you to back up all purchases. Make copies of downloads and license keys and store them in a safe place. If you need help after your purchase, please visit the Kivuto contact page.