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Software/Hardware Procurement, Distribution, and Licensing

Order Instructions

The authorized departmental purchasing agent is the only individual that can process faculty  or staff computer upgrade orders. The agent will review all orders to ensure each approved faculty or staff member has submitted a detail quotation from a university contract vendor with their name printed on it and that it has been reviewed and approved by their department head and/or director. The agent is responsible for securing approval of any expenditure exceeding the maximum reimbursement amount. Agents will ensure a four (4) year NBD onsite warranty and the four (4) year accidental damage protection plan are included for all Windows-based machines, except the Microsoft Surface Pros. Agents will ensure all Apple desktop & laptop computers have at least a four (4) year Safeware and (4) four year accidental damage protection. The agent may begin purchasing approved computers upon receipt of their approval memo and must have all orders completed by the published order deadline.

UT Marketplace: You now have the option to purchase from any of the CUP hardware vendors below via the UT Marketplace. If you have questions on orders via the UT Marketplace, please contact BJ Roberts at or call (865) 974-3311.

Dell Orders with E-Quote or Special Quote: The agent will order Dell standard configuration or non-standard computers directly online at the UT Marketplace/Dell website using the appropriate E-Quote or Special Quote. The agent may order more than one like configuration by simply changing the number in the quantity field. The agent must print a copy of the detail view of the completed Dell purchase for each order, to be submitted to OIT with the reimbursement request. Once Dell has received the e-quote, the agent releasing the e-quote will receive via email an acknowledgement, followed by an order confirmation with the order number for tracking, and finally a shipping confirmation when it ships.

The agent may contact their Dell Representative, Corinne Smith at email – The agent should follow up with the Dell Representative to be sure their order has been processed.

Microsoft Surface Pro & Apple Orders: To place an order for Apple equipment the agent will need to go to the Vol Tech site Vol Tech.  If you have any questions, you can email The agent must ensure all Microsoft Surface Pro 8 have Microsoft 4-year accident care & Apple computers have a four (4) year warranty for AppleCare+ with no service fees.