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Accounts & Access Management

Two-Factor Authentication

This site provides information for the UTK and Knoxville-area Two-Factor Authentication project which includes the UT System Administration, Institute of Agriculture, and the Institute of Public Service.  If you are affiliated with another campus, choose your campus to learn more: UT Chattanooga, UT Health Science Center, UT Martin.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA) and why do we need it?

Passwords aren’t getting the job done to protect the university and you against cyber attacks.

2FA boosts protection of your account from hackers. We are all used to having one layer of security — our password — to protect our accounts. With 2FA, if the hackers have your password, they will still need your phone or passcode to get into your account.

When using 2FA, you’ll be required to use two different sources (factors) to verify your identity:

  • something you know – your username and password, and
  • something you have – a phone or passcode, to authenticate and gain access to an account. For example, this may be a smartphone or tablet using an app or a hardware token device.

Watch the video below to learn more about two-factor authentication and why we need it.

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