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Teaching Tools

Canvas Administration

Course Storage Quota

Starting with the Winter-MiniTerm 2023 and Spring 2023 semesters, Canvas course site storage quotas will be downgraded to 1GB. The increase to 4GB at the start of the pandemic was to ensure the quick transition to remote teaching encountered no issues. However, it is important that we return to pre-pandemic levels. We recommend instructors utilize OIT’s recommended options to manage their Canvas course files to remain within the set storage quota.

Enrolling Colleagues in Past Course Sites

As of November 2022, Canvas administrators will no longer be enrolling users in past course sites when requested. In continuing to protect the privacy of our students we are asking that your past course content be exported and shared. Canvas course content can be exported into a Common Cartridge (IMSCC ZIP) file which can then be downloaded and shared with another instructor. The export file can be imported into a blank Canvas course shell. All instructors are entitled to one blank Canvas course shell called a ‘sandbox’ site.

Sharing a course via a course export file can be accomplished with the following steps:

  1. Create a course export file from the Settings page of the Canvas course you wish to share. Full instructions for this step of the process are documented in this Canvas Instructor Guide page on creating course export files.
  2. Send the course export file to the desired recipient. This step is performed outside of Canvas via the UT Vault.
  3. The recipient downloads the course export file to their computer and then imports it into their Canvas course. Course export files can be imported as a whole or specific content can be selected for import. Full instructions for this step of the process are documented in this Canvas Instructor Guide page on importing course export files.

Global Announcements

Canvas Global Announcements are posted by Canvas Administrators and are displayed on all student and/or faculty Canvas Dashboards for a set amount of time. Global Announcements are intended to provide students and faculty timely and brief information specifically related to academic matters at UT Knoxville. 

Canvas Global Announcements are not the appropriate venue for public service announcements. If you wish to post a public service announcement, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing to seek the appropriate venue.