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Event Hosting Considerations

Hosting an event from a distance?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we gather, and expectations for hosting and attending events continue to evolve. If you are considering recording or streaming in-person, hybrid, or fully online meetings and events, OIT can help!

The OIT Webcasting team has adapted and perfected the secure delivery of webinars to large and small audiences for public and private conferences, events, and speakers.

Benefits of using OIT Webcasting to host your virtual event

High-quality video delivery

What we offer is far sharper than a simple webcam. OIT uses the latest professional video cameras to capture events and provide active camera feeds crewed by staff members.

High-quality audio delivery

What we offer is much clearer than a built-in microphone. OIT uses all the latest wired and wireless professional microphones to ensure clear audio transmission.  

Technical facilitation of virtual events

We step in to take care of the technical aspects of your virtual event so you can focus on what’s important.   

Critical questions you should consider when using OIT Webcasting to host your virtual event

  • Audiences can exist online, in person, or as a combination of both
  • Your audience may be limited to students, faculty, and/or staff or it could be open to the public
  • OIT Webcasting can walk you through the implications of each scenario and help you successfully execute your event
  • Panopto accommodates an unlimited virtual audience size, but Zoom limits the audience to 300 virtual attendees  – consider using OIT Webcasting if you need a large audience for your virtual event
  • Speakers may present in person on campus or virtually from a remote location
  • Hosts may also appear in person or virtually
  • OIT Webcasting can help you successfully navigate any of those situations
  • OIT Webcasting can host the presentation for later viewing online using our lecture capture platform, Panopto
  • OR – if you prefer that the event not be stored, we can accommodate that as well
  • We can also provide a digital copy (MP4 file) of your event if requested
  • We can offer customized branding elements that appear on screen during or before your presentation
  • We can make edits to your presentation

How can we best serve you? 

OIT Webcasting is continually evolving as we learn what best serves our campus community. Each event, conference, or speaker is unique… be it in subject or delivery. We learn to adapt and accommodate before and after each event to produce the live stream you want to convey to your attendees. How else can we best serve you? 

Here are some ways UT departments utilized OIT Webcasting in the past year

Virtual Dean search  

A department needed help with a Dean search. The audience was a small group that watched in-person from a classroom while a large group of attendees watched online at the same time. Zoom was quickly taken out of the equation since attendees didn’t need to interact with one another; however, at the last minute, a speaker could not attend in person. As a result, Zoom was re-incorporated as a stream in the Panopto platform. The speaker joined via Zoom into the room, and that same feed was put into Panopto where other virtual attendees could watch. This allowed all those in attendance, remotely or physically, to have the same experience. At the end of each day, OIT Webcasting gave analytics to the event manager to see who participated online.  

High-profile event with remote presenters and interpreters  

A department had a high-profile event with remote presenters and sign-language interpreters presenting to a large in-person and virtual audience. Since it was such a large event, Zoom could not accommodate the audience size so we used Panopto for delivery. Additionally, the event was not open to the public so further restrictions were put in place on who could attend. We were able to feed the presentation into an auditorium for a small group of in-person attendees and delivered it virtually on the web for the remaining audience members.

A 3-day virtual boot camp program  

A department wanted to host a 3-day virtual boot camp program where they could use Zoom to interact with attendees. Additionally, they wanted a professional product they could share later. The boot camp hosts delivered their presentations from a classroom on campus while attendees met virtually. To accommodate this, OIT Webcasting captured the live instructors using professional equipment and delivered that video along with slides to the virtual attendees. The result was a high-quality presentation with live presenters and slides.

Important forum with security concerns  

A client had an important forum, but wanted the event to be secure while also being able to control access to questions and the speakers. OIT Webcasting facilitated the Zoom call so presenters could rotate through during their speaking time while the hosts remained present for the entire call to facilitate questions and the flow of the event. OIT Webcasting then took that Zoom feed with the presenters and the hosts and fed it through Panopto to the virtual audience where they could only view the presentation and not interact with the hosts or speakers.  

Let’s chat about your next event

Through each event, forum, and conference, OIT Webcasting has grown and continues to adapt to this historic time in campus history. The service continues to innovate new ways to help you reach all of your virtual presentation needs and goals. OIT Webcasting is here to help facilitate your next virtual event.  

Reach out to the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 and request an event consultation with OIT Webcasting.