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Personal Response Systems (Clickers)

The new Enterprise Licensing and Single Sign-On for Turning Technologies will be implemented the week of August 13, 2018. Setup and usage instructions will be updated by the end of the week and will be uploaded to these pages.

Get Started Here
Get Started Here

TurningPoint by Turning Technologies is the campus-supported personal response system for classroom polling. TurningPoint is a hybrid polling option that provides secure management of courses, rosters, and assessment data while integrating with Canvas. The hybrid polling offers polling from your computer (desktop or laptop, Mac OS or Windows) with a physical device (clicker) and mobile devices via native apps (iOS and Android) or web-browsers.

As of Fall 2018, all students will have a clicker license and will be able to use their mobile device to respond to questions at no additional cost.

To use the TurningPoint system in a class, the instructor will choose between three options:

  • Mobile device only – This environment offers the most flexibility for the instructor and student. There is no additional hardware required for the instructor, only a software install. There is no additional cost for student use.
  • Hybrid of mobile and physical clickers – This environment allows the students to use what they have available, either a mobile device or physical clicker. This option requires the instructor to have a USB receiver plugged into their computer to receive the physical clicker responses. There is no additional cost for the student to use their mobile device, but the physical clickers must be purchased.
  • Physical Clicker only – This environment offers the most control for the instructor but requires the instructor to have a USB receiver plugged into their computer to receive responses. The students will need to purchase a physical clicker to participate.


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