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Personal Response Systems (Clickers)


TurningPoint by Turning Technologies is the campus-supported personal response system for classroom polling. TurningPoint is a hybrid polling option that provides secure management of courses, rosters, and assessment data while integrating with Canvas. The hybrid polling offers polling from your computer (desktop or laptop, Mac OS or Windows) with a hand-held device (clicker) and mobile devices via native apps (iOS and Android) or web-browsers. Additionally, there is an option to have web only polling via the instructor TurningPoint account.

To use the TurningPoint system in a class, the instructor must have a TurningPoint instructor kit and account and the students are required to purchase a subscription from the bookstore (For Summer 2018 only – See note below for Fall 2018) (this enables the mobile device option with students). Purchasing the hand-held device is optional and up to the instructor.

Changes to TurningPoint for Fall 2018: Clicker Access for All Students

This spring (2018), after consultations with faculty, OIT evaluated options for classroom response software. UTK extended a Request for Proposal (RFP) which resulted in responses from three vendors. After much deliberation, the decision was to remain with Turning Technologies. One significant change, however, is the move to Enterprise Licensing for all students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. By funding an enterprise agreement with the technology fee, all students will have a license for classroom response software that they can use with their smartphone, tablet, or clicker device. Students who are required by faculty to use a separate clicker device for class participation will still have to purchase the device from the bookstore, but all student subscriptions (personal device or separate clicker) will be covered by the existing Technology Fee.

What does the Enterprise License mean for faculty?

Have you been hesitant about including clickers in your course due to the added cost that students would incur? Did you want to get responses from students occasionally, but not often enough to warrant requiring your students to purchase a license and device?

Starting with the Fall 2018 semester, all students will have a license they can use on their iOS or Android phone or tablet, and you can decide to use the TurningPoint app in your class any time. Use it for a quick check to make sure students understand the day’s topic or a scheduled quiz. It’s up to you!

What are the new features?

  • Single Sign-on for faculty and students
    • Faculty and students will log in with their UT NetID and password and will not be required to create another username and password.
    • Single Sign-on eliminates the duplicate student account creation that has caused issues with student grades.
  • Enterprise Licensing
    • All students will receive a Turning Technologies license purchased with Technology Fee funds.
    • Faculty can use the features of Turning Technologies’ TurningPoint software without adding any additional cost to the students when using the mobile app.
    • Students do not need to purchase a clicker unless the instructor requires it.

TurningPoint 8

TurningPoint 8.x software is needed to use clickers. Login to your Turning Technologies account at the Turning Technologies’ website. From the top menu, select Downloads, then select the correct operating system under TurningPoint 8.

LMS & Turning Point Instructions

  • Canvas and TurningPoint
    Setup instructions for linking your installed Turning Point software and Canvas.
    NOTE: Your classes will not show on the new Turning Account instructor screen until they are published in Canvas.
  • Canvas Module
    Instructions for setting up Canvas so your students can properly link their clicker with your class.


There are two options for training:

All faculty wishing to use TurningPoint in their classes will need an instructor kit and a Turning Account.
See account registration instructions (PDF). The kits are provided at the face-to-face training or you can request a kit via the OIT Helpdesk.

For more information or to request training, contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 865-974-9900.


TurningPoint by Turning Technologies is the campus-supported personal response system for classroom polling. Students must have a subscription/license (can be purchased at the bookstore- Summer 2018 only – See note above) and a Turning Account. Most instructors also require the hand-held device (clicker); check to verify what is required for your classes.

Learning Management System

Mobile Device

Purchasing, Registering and Using Clickers at UTK

Device Guide

For more information or questions, contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 865-974-9900.

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