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Teaching Tools

Clicker Options for Faculty

What Are Your Clicker Options?

1Mobile Only (Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer)

2 Hybrid (Mobile + Physical)

3 Physical

Student licenses are included in TechFee Student licenses are included in TechFee Student licenses are included in TechFee
Answer questions via app (iOS or Android) or website. Answer questions via app (iOS or Android) or website or students can use a physical clicker. Students must purchase hardware, can be purchased at VolShop. Faculty need to inform VolShop of physical clicker requirement.
Faculty do not need any additional hardware, download TurningPoint software and enable mobile polling to get started. Faculty do need a USB receiver and enable mobile polling. Faculty need an instructor kit in addition to the TurningPoint software.

How to Get Clicker Software

TurningPoint software is needed to use clickers. Login to your Turning account at the Turning website. From the top menu, select Downloads, then select the correct operating system under TurningPoint. For TurningClassic, select the desktop version and for TurningPro, slect the web version.

How to Link Turning to Canvas

  • Canvas and Turning Documentation & Turning Video Tutorial
    Instructions for registering your account & authenticating Canvas.
    NOTE: Your classes will not show on the new Turning Account instructor screen until they are published in Canvas.
  • Canvas Module
    Instructions for setting up Canvas so your students can properly link their clicker with your class.

How to Enable Mobile Responses

  • Enable Mobile Response Instructions
    Note: In a completely mobile device class, no additional hardware is needed. In a hybrid (mobile + physical clicker) environment, you will need a USB receiver plugged in and to enable mobile responses to receive all students responses.

Where to Get Clicker Training

The options for training are:

  • Clicker Training
    Interested in using polling/clickers in your class but don’t know how to get started?
  • Turning webinars
    Explore the latest news, expert advice and tips with interactive learning resources.
  • OIT-led face-to-face training
    Check the list of upcoming clicker workshops or drop-in consultations to register for on-campus training.
  • Self-paced online tutorials
    Watch online video tutorials to learn about the different uses of TurningPoint in class.

How to setup for students

  1. Add the Turning Account Registration Module to Canvas. Click on the link to setup your account and manage your clicker courses.
  2. Notify your students of the clicker requirements, either mobile, physical or allowing both.
  3. Instruct all students to click on the Turning Account Registration Module in Canvas to link their accounts.
  4. Use Turning in your course via PowerPoint, Anywhere Polling, or Self-paced polling.

Faculty wishing to use Turning with physical clickers or a mix of physical clickers and mobile in their classes will need an instructor kit and a Turning Account. See account registration instructions. The kits are provided at the face-to-face training or you can request a kit via the OIT Helpdesk.

For more information or to request training, contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 865-974-9900.