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Clickers for Instructors

Do I Need a PointSolutions Account and License?

All UTK faculty and instructors using PointSolutions must create a PointSolutions Instructor account. When registering your account as an instructor, you receive a subscription to PointSolutions. There is no cost for you to use PointSolutions in your courses.

The account allows instructors to access the PointSolutions Instructor site and download the PointSolutions software to engage their students via classroom polling with physical clicker devices or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

Instructors will use their UTK email ( to create their account and the UT NetID & Password for login. The account allows faculty to manage which courses they will use PointSolutions in via the instructor account page.

How to Set Up Your Instructor Account

See this Knowledge Base article on creating a PointSolutions account for instructors.

How to Get Clicker Software

PointSolutions software is needed to use clickers (whether mobile or physical). Login to your PointSolutions account at the PointSolutions website. From the upper right icon menu, select Downloads, then select the correct operating system under PointSolutions. For PointSolutions Desktop, select the desktop version which matches your device’s operating system. For TurningPoint Web App, select the web version.

Canvas and PointSolutions Integrations

Note: As of August 2022, it appears students no longer need to use a Canvas module to register their account. See the OIT Knowledge Base for PointSolutions student account creation instructions.

How to Enable Mobile Responses

Note: In a completely mobile device class, no additional hardware is needed. In a hybrid (mobile + physical clicker) environment, you will need to enable mobile responses and use the Turning USB receiver to receive responses from physical clickers. The Turning USB receiver can be requested from the OIT HelpDesk and is provided to instructors at no cost.  

Note: Echo360 recommends that students do not use a VPN when submitting attendance or when responding to polling questions due to latency or GPS location issues.

Where to Get Clicker Training

The options for training are:

  • Clicker Self-Service Training Resource
    Interested in using clickers in your class but don’t know how to get started? Enroll in this self-paced resource on Canvas Catalog. The course has detailed step-by-step instructions and videos that will walk you through:
    • Creating a PointSolutions Account
    • Connecting your Canvas course to PointSolutions
    • Creating questions
    • Uploading grades
    • and much more
  • 1-on-1 consultations
    After you have taken the self-paced online training, let us know if you still have any questions by contacting the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 or our online service portal.

What Are Your Clicker Options?

The university has a license for PointSolutions through Echo360. Every student, staff, and faculty person on campus can use PointSolutions.

1Mobile Only (Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer)

2 Combination (Mobile + Physical)

3 Physical

Answer questions via app (iOS or Android) or website. Answer questions via app (iOS or Android) or website or students can use a physical clicker. Students must purchase hardware, can be purchased at VolShop. Faculty need to inform VolShop of physical clicker requirement.
Faculty do not need any additional hardware, download PointSolutions software and enable mobile polling to get started. Faculty do need a USB receiver and enable mobile polling. Faculty need an instructor kit in addition to the PointSolutions software.

Choosing your delivery method

Use one of these three methods to deliver questions to your students. All methods allow you to connect to Canvas to import grades. Use the chart below to compare methods and find the best option for your lessons.



PointSolutions Desktop
Desktop app method

Recommended method
for most instructors


PointSolutions Web
Web-only method


TurningPoint Web App
Hybrid web-desktop method


PointSolutions Desktop, the most powerful and flexible delivery method, requires a desktop app download and will store session data on your device.

This method offers PowerPoint integration, Anywhere Polling, Self-Paced Polling, and is compatible with physical and mobile responses.

PointSolutions Web is entirely web-based. All content is created and managed through your web browser.

This method does not allow for PowerPoint integration and does not support physical clicker responses.

TurningPoint Web App is a hybrid web-desktop method that requires a small app download.

The app offers the added bonus of PowerPoint integration, Anywhere Polling, and physical clicker compatibility.

Compatible with mobile responses

 Yes, mobile app and browser

 Yes, mobile app and browser

 Yes, mobile app and browser

Compatible with physical clickers




Download desktop app




Grades and session data stored On your device On the web On the web

Web content creation

 4 question types

multiple choice, short answer, numeric response, hotspot

 4 question types

multiple choice, short answer, numeric response, hotspot

 4 question types

multiple choice, short answer, numeric response, hotspot

PowerPoint integration

 11 question types

 5 question types

Anywhere Polling

 9 question types

 6 question types

Self-Paced Polling

 9 question types