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High Performance & Scientific Computing


How to acknowledge the use of HPSC resources in Publications

The computational work supported by High Performance Scientific Computing (HPSC) resources and/or staff should acknowledge the HPSC contribution in publications. Publications may include, but are not limited to, journal articles, organizational reports, organizational training or educational materials, theses or dissertations, research presentations (i.e., research posters, virtual presentations of research, visual aids, etc.) or reports (i.e., essays, assignments, etc.). HPSC resources include, but are not limited to: Infrastructure for Scientific Applications and Advanced Computing (ISAAC) systems (i.e., hardware, storage, networking, software), and/or professional staff suppor (i.e., HPSC staff professional expertise and/or assistance).

If your work leads to a publication with any of the below then please acknowledge the support:

  1. Use of the computational and software resources of the HPSC ISAAC resources (compute, storage, software, etc.)
  2. If the publication includes a significant amount of work contributed by a HPSC staff member including if the HPSC staff member: edited, created, or contributed sections of text; provided/created code or scripts; or assisted with development or optimization of scripts, code, or software, etc.

If either of the above applies to your publication, please acknowledge ISAAC resource use (for #1 above) and/or include the HPSC staff member(s) as a co-author or contributor on the publication (for #2 above).

The following templates are examples that can be used when acknowledging HPSC contributions in publications.

  • A publication that is based—wholly or in part—on work performed using ISAAC resources, should incorporate the below text into the “Acknowledgements” portion of the publication.
    [A portion of] The computation for this work was performed on the University of Tennessee Infrastructure for Scientific Applications and Advanced Computing (ISAAC) computational resources.”

  • If any HPSC staff member(s) assisted with the work associated with the contents of the publication, we request staff members be specifically credited similar to the following example.
    The authors acknowledge University of Tennessee High Performance Scientific Computing (HPSC) staff, {staff member name here} for support and contribution to this work.”

  • If work was generally supported by the whole HPSC team (team supported use of resources, software and technical and other support) provide something similar to the following example:
    The authors acknowledge the University of Tennessee High Performance Scientific Computing (HPSC) group for providing computational resources, technical support, and other support for this work.”