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High Performance & Scientific Computing

Incident Response on ISAAC Secure Enclave

Reporting Secure Enclave Suspicious Activity

To report suspicious activity or a security incident involving Secure Enclave resources or information please contact the OIT Help Desk (see and provide as much detail as possible of the incident or activity as well as your email and phone number contact information. If you believe the situation is an emergency, contact the OIT HelpDesk by phone immediately at 865-974-9900 and provide them as much detail as possible including identifying the incident as related to the Secure Enclave resources.

Secure Enclave Incident Response Process

The University of Tennessee (System) Policy UT0122 Security Incident Reporting and Response covers each campus’s responsibility for identifying a Person of Authority as well as specific capabilities each campus must have for computer and information incident response. Any data breach, and especially data breaches involving data stored, processed, and used in the Secure Enclave, must follow each campus Incident Response process. The UTK CIO is the person identified as the “Campus Position of Authority” for Incident Response. The UTK CISO maintains a UTK Incident Response Plan. Any data breach or security incident involving resources or information of the Secure Enclave will follow UTK (or UTHSC depending on the PIs campus affiliation) campus Incident Response plan. The University through OIT will provide the incident response and notification to the appropriate authority specified in regulation or contract. The relevant project PI will be included in the incident response process and notified along with any external organization notification.