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Instructional Design & Support

Instructional Technology Community of Practice

What is the IT Community of Practice?

The IT Community of Practice (ITCoP) is a Faculty Fellow initiative that provides an opportunity for faculty to bring their lunch and join colleagues in demonstration and discussion about trends and issues in instructional technology. Click the recording links (where available) to view previous meetings.

Brown Bag Lunch Meetings

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Every 4th Wednesday from 12:20pm – 1:10pm

Location: Practice Presentation Room, John C. Hodges Library,​ Commons North (220E) 

Access and Engagement

The IT Community of Practice (ITCoP) theme for the 2017-18 academic year is  Access and Engagement. Guest presenters will share instructional technology implementations related to making course content accessible to all and featuring engagement options to enhance student learning.

September 27: Content Engagement and Assessment Enhances Student Comprehension (Recording)

  • Fall 2016 GTA@OIT Grant recipients share how they implemented instructional technology tools and strategies to better engage and assess students.
  • Presenters: Amy Heger, Psychology and Vincent Price, Theory and Practice in Teacher Education.

October 25: Digital Humanities Provide Access to Teaching Materials and Research for Varied Student Learning (Recording)

  • Panel discussion from Spring 2017 Digital Humanities Scholarship Boot Camp participants will share implementation strategies and insights for academic learning and research
  • Presenters: Alex Bentley and Mark Freeman, Anthropology; Jill Fennel, GA-English; Josh Jeffrey, GA-History; and Nichole Proctor, Undergraduate Research Intern-Psychology.

November 15: Open Educational Resources for Student Learning Success (Recording)

  • Attendees will learn about a different means of access: Open Educational Resources, which make it easier and more affordable for students to succeed.
  • Presenters: Rachel Caldwell, UTK’s Scholarly Communication & Publishing Librarian and Adam Alsamadisi, Geography GA and Geography 101 Instructor.


Making Accessibility Happen

(Fall 2016 – Spring 2017)

This academic year, ITCoP topics are focusing on Accessibility and Transitioning to the Canvas Learning Management System. Since the UT System’s approval of an accessibility policy in 2015, the campus has been developing on an implementation plan to assist with compliance. More so than compliance, the accessibility plan affords an opportunity to improve our pedagogical practices to be more inclusive to a wide range of students.

September 28: Accessibility Is a Reality in Teaching and Learning at UTK 

  • Panel Discussion on “Why” and “How” accessibility is being addressed at UTK
  • Presenters: Administration, Faculty, Office of Disability Services and Office of Information Technology

October 26: Creating an Accessible Learning Environment

  • Panel members share implementation strategies and insights from Summer 2016 Accessibility Program
  • Presenters: Dr. Jennifer Gramling, Director of Online Programs, and faculty participants from the 2016 Summer Accessibility Program​

November 26: Transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas

  • OIT Faculty Fellow and staff share tips and strategies for Canvas LMS transition
  • Presenters: Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, Associate Professor in Educational Psychology & Counseling, and a 2016-17 Faculty Fellow, along with OIT staff​

February 22: Multimodal Composition and Accessibility (Recording)

  • Faculty discuss strategies for assignment variation and accessibility via images, audio, and video 
  • Presenters: Dr. Jeff Ringer, Assistant Professor in English and Writing Program Director, Dr. Crystal McAlvin, Senior Lecturer in Biology and Dr. Robert Spirko, Senior Lecturer in English and a 2016-17 Faculty Fellow

March 22: Creating Accessible Content (Recording)

  • Demo and discussion on effective tools and resources for creating accessible content 
  • Presenters: Office of Disability Services and OIT Staff

April 26: Making the Transition to Canvas (Recording)

  • Insights and experiences for effectively transitioning your course to Canvas 
  • Presenters: Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, Associate Professor in Educational Psychology & Counseling, and the 2016-17 Faculty Fellow, along with UTK Faculty who have successfully transitioned to Canvas:
    • Adam Cureton, Philosophy Department
    • Anne Langendorfer,English Department
    • Arthur Leal,Department of Agricultural Leadership, Educational and Communication
    • Jennifer Morrow, Educational Psychology and Counseling Dept., Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement
    • Gary Skolits, Educational Psychology and Counseling Dept.,Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement

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