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Instructional Design & Support

Vincent Price, Theory & Practice in Teacher Education

Using Video Recordings As a Means of Self and Peer Reflection/Evaluation in an Introductory Pedagogical Course

TPTE 355: Introduction to Secondary Schools

As the instructor of the spring course TPTE 355: Introduction to Secondary Schools, I seek to integrate a video component into the course design in order to facilitate deeper and more targeted reflection among the students. The course is tailored to senior-level, secondary education minors who will begin their yearlong internship in the following year. Because of the constant need for effective and reflective teachers, it is imperative that the university give its pre-interns the guided opportunities to develop the skills of teaching and the habit of being reflective. Over the course of the semester, the students will be recorded engaging in various group discussion activities and mini-lessons. With the assistance of Canvas, the permanence of such recordings will allow the students to look back and assess the activities, themselves, and/or their peers, increasing their awareness as both learners and teachers.​

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