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Instructional Design & Support

Lindsey Fox, Mathematics

Utilizing the Web to Enhance Hands-On Learning

MATH 115: Statistical Reasoning

Students greatly benefit from a hands-on approach to data collection and analysis in Statistical Reasoning. However, the extent of this approach is limited by the current reporting methods and the amount of samples students can physically compile. The Google forms presently in use for data reporting, accessed on On-Line@UT, are tedious to work with and are constrained by their simplicity. Also, students do not have access to their own data, and therefore cannot use it in statistical software. The GTA@OIT Grant for Teaching and Learning will allow me to address these issues and enhance the hands-on experience with a web-based component before all sections of Math 115 adopt this course format in the fall of 2017. Without the hands-on component, “clicks” are less meaningful, however when the hands-on experience is paired with the advantages of software, the subtleties of bigger concepts, like the Central Limit Theorem, will be better understood. The GTA@OIT Grant will provide the resources needed to make this link.​

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