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Instructional Design & Support

Jack Ryan, Mathematics

Increasing Interaction: Implementing VoiceThread in the Flipped Classroom

Math 125: Basic Calculus

As the pervasiveness of technology in the classroom continues to increase and evolve, we as educators are met with the ongoing challenge of responding to student concerns that correspond to this technology in the classroom. In response to student concerns that video lectures are impersonal and limit student/teacher interaction, we plan to implement VoiceThread as a new video platform from which students in my REACT sections of Math 125: Basic Calculus will access the online video lectures they are expected to watch before class. This platform allows students to engage with the videos by inserting textual or video comments or questions and the instructor can respond to the students using the same mediums. In doing so, a bridge will be constructed between the instructor and student. Through the implementation of VoiceThread, we also hope to illuminate common areas in which students struggle so that they may be addressed in the future with video lectures which could be used by all sections of Basic Calculus, not only those with a VoiceThread license.