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Instructional Design & Support

Cara Sulyok, Mathematics

Group Activities in Online Basic Calculus

Math 125:  Basic Calculus

I will be assisting Malissa Peery in her course redesign of Math 125: Basic Calculus into an online class. I have chosen four areas of focus: to create a video lesson and follow-up activity on how to utilize Google Apps for Education, as well as convert three distinct in-class group assignments to an online format. As part of the online course, students will need to be comfortable using Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. I will create an online video lesson that describes the aspects that students need to understand and navigate within the Google services. The video lesson will be followed by an online practice set where students can utilize their new skills. One of the flip​ped course activities that I plan to convert is P & Q Rules Card Activity. Presently, students must manipulate tangible cards, but I will develop a way for them to do the same virtually. My next project will convert Product, Quotient, and Chain Combos, currently a paper-based activity, into a scaffolded WebAssign assignment. My final component also uses WebAssign and will be a step-by-step activity that walks students through the process of finding the area between curves.​

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