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Instructional Support

CITE Grant

2019 CITE Recipients

Undergraduate and graduate students benefit from the instructional plans of OIT’s 2019 Course Improvement with Technology Enhancement (CITE) Grant recipients.

Dr. Iftekhar Alam, Earth and Planetary Sciences 

Examining Student Perceptions of an Interactive Online Course with Laboratory Components: GEOL 101 – The Dynamic Earth Course Redesign    

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 Dr. Adrien-Maxence Hespel and Dr. Kryssa Johnson,

Small Animal Clinical Sciences 

Use of three-dimensional printed carpus models for teaching of normal equine radiographic anatomy

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The UTK Office of Innovative Technologies (OIT) Support Organization invites UTK faculty members to apply for the Course Improvement with Technology Enhancement (CITE) Grant. The 2019 Call for Proposals has ended. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this grant, please read the Overview below and/or the previous Call for Proposals.


The CITE Grant provides an opportunity for University of Tennessee Knoxville faculty to consult with OIT’s Support Staff on course redesign, instructional technologies, and research strategies to improve student learning outcomes.

Faculty participants may select one of three levels featuring a course redesign and description of how they will measure, demonstrate, and report the impact of course improvement. Reports will address the impact of instructional technology on student learning (Award Level A). Participants may design research pilots/projects to investigate the use and effectiveness of teaching strategies that implement technology to enhance both the teaching and learning process (Award Levels B & C).

AWARD: Grant award funding ranges from $1,000 – $5,000 with half of funding available upon course listing within the UTK Course Catalog. Remaining funds will be released upon receipt of final report.

Level Cash CITE GRANT 2018 Final Deliverables Award Deadlines for courses offered:
Fa 2019 Sp 2020
A $1,000 Limited course change that includes data collection and a report of the grant’s impact on course improvement and overall teaching and learning outcomes. Final Report 12/20/19 Final Report
B $3,000 Significant course change that includes data collection and a white paper or presentation.
(IRB required)
Final Report
Final Report  6/26/20
C $5,000 Significant course change and a completed, scholarly research study, presentable at a scholarly conference, and/or publishable in an educational or disciplinary journal that answers a specific question about the effects of course design and instructional technology on student outcomes.(IRB required) Final Report 4/24/20 Final Report  8/28/20


Proposals should be limited to four or less single-spaced pages. Proposals should include discussion of each of the areas below. Level A (1-4); Levels B&C (All).

  1. Problem: State the problem (course redesign/technology use/student outcomes) as clearly and concisely as possible so reviewers can easily identify the proposal focus.
  2. Significance: The problem investigated by your course redesign or research should be directly related to the larger question of how instructional technology impacts the learning process for students of higher education. Be sure to describe any significance your research may have for University of Tennessee specifically, or for higher education as a whole.
  3. Methodology: Clearly describe how the course redesign or research will be carried out, the data that will be collected, and the plan for analyzing data.
  4. Timeline: Provide an estimated timeline for the course redesign and or the research pilot/project.
  5. Literature Review: Conduct a review of the literature in your discipline and/or fields of instructional technology and/or higher education to support the research problem.
  6. Budget: Provide a detailed budget. Funds may be used for (not exhaustive): new technology, guest speaker/workshop leader, course delivery time release, hiring a research or technical assistant, consultant or evaluator, extra service pay, or research-related travel.

NOTE: If you are using this opportunity to enhance funding you have already secured, please state your other funding source and indicate how CITE funding will augment your other project(s).

Questions to consider when formulating your proposal:

  1. What are your learning goals?
  2. How can course design improve student learning outcomes?
  3. What student outcomes are you seeking to improve?
  4. Is technology helping students learn better? If so, how? If not, why?
  5. Which technologies are most effective in enhancing the learning process?
  6. What kinds of learning does technology promote?
  7. What learning problems are you seeking to solve?
  8. What learning activities will improve because of the use of technology?
  9. What learning abilities, attitudes, and skills are best enhanced by the use of technology?
  10. How is technology best used in the classroom in your discipline?
  11. What learning activities do not appear to be enhanced by technology?
  12. What successes or failures have you experienced with incorporating technology in your classes?


Proposals should be submitted via email as either a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file attachment to


Submit a brief statement of support from your department head as part of the proposal. This may be sent to Christina Goode at or mailed to Greve Hall 514-A, 821 Volunteer Blvd. Knoxville, TN 37996-3395.


By submitting this application, the faculty member expresses commitment to:

  • Serve as the subject matter expert and provide the course content for development in accordance with the established project timeline
  • Collaborate closely with the OIT staff through regularly scheduled meetings
  • Adhere to the project timeline for the successful completion of the project
  • Plan and conduct student assessment to evaluate the impact of the CITE Grant project on students
  • Present project results at OIT-sponsored events and materials to promote the OIT value for the UT academic community
  • Maintain project deliverables after the project is over. Project files and software updates are the instructor responsibility upon project completion.

If you have any questions regarding this grant opportunity, please contact Christina Goode at 865-974-6470 or