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Email, Calendars, and Instant Messaging

Email Groups

Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) Group

If you are simply looking for a simple bulk e-mail solution, you may not need the extra functionality (archives, subscription, etc) that LISTSERV provides. If you need a small, internal group communication list, you can request an Active Directory (AD) group.

  • An AD group will allow you to send to a group of UT users using a single ‘’ address
  • No setup fee
  • To request an Active Directory group, contact the HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900.
Listserv Logo


LISTSERV is a system that makes it possible to create, manage, and control electronic mailing lists on the UTK network or on the Internet.  A listserv may be used for sending individual announcements or for group discussion among subscribers.  Discussion can be archived for later viewing.

  • While LISTSERV use is free, there is a $50 fee to set up your LISTSERV.
  • When a LISTSERV is public, it is listed in the email list at Public users can freely access the LISTSERV’s page and subscription options.
  • Private LISTSERV’s are used for internal lists that aren’t available via the public website. Use private LISTSERV’s when you want to set up your own subscription to the list.
  • LISTSERV’S can be moderated by assigned owners and moderators and be private or public.
  • Owners may approve and add subscribers or allow potential subscribers to join the list themselves.
  • Management tools, documentation, and archive access is available online for owners, moderators, and subscribers.
  • University faculty and staff are eligible to set up a LISTSERV. Contact the HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 for more information.

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Office 365 Groups

Groups in Office 365 let you choose a set of people that you wish to collaborate with and easily set up a collection of resources for those people to share.  Office 365 Groups include a shared inbox, calendar, and OneDrive for collaboration

  • Access your group through Outlook on the Web
  • Create the group and manage group permissions through Outlook on the Web

Watch the video about Office 365 Groups

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