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Email, Calendars, & Instant Messaging


Office 365 Calendar icon

Microsoft 365 Calendars

  • Default calendaring solution for all staff, faculty, and new students.
    Important to note: Microsoft 365 calendars do not integrate with the Google Calendar.
  • Fully supported by OIT.
  • Accessible via Outlook client, Outlook on the Web Calendar App, and Outlook Mobile App (Android and iOS).
  • Easily share your calendar with other people in the organization.
  • Access shared calendars on mobile devices using the Outlook App.
Google Calendar

Google Calendars

  • Available for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Limited support by OIT.
  • Unable to access Google Calendars in Outlook Client or Outlook on the Web.
  • Must log in to Google using UTK credentials for access.
  • Staff and faculty have full access to Google Calendar, however, it does not integrate with the Microsoft 365 system.
Microsoft logo

Microsoft 365 Room Scheduling

  • Resource Mailboxes are mailboxes that represent conference rooms, shared equipment, or absences.
  • Resource Mailboxes provide a simple and efficient way to manage shared resources by a workgroup or department.
  • A Resource Mailbox has its own calendar, which can be viewed and modified just like a person’s calendar.
  • Control access to room scheduling requests in one of two ways: Moderated and Auto-Accept.