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Information for Folks Who Support Orientation

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Does your office support and interact with students during Orientation? Are you an advisor fielding questions from new and transfer students? If so, you’ll want to save this list of frequently asked questions we receive about new and transfer students during Orientation.

If we can help with any of the following, please reach out!

UT Email/Volmail

All UT Knoxville students should have an email address. If you are working with a student with a UTC or UTM email address, the OIT HelpDesk can help! Some students are admitted to multiple campuses and must be “moved” to Knoxville. The move takes 2-3 days, so students should contact us either before or after Orientation. If students say that they have an @tennessee address, you can let them know that everyone at the University of Tennessee is assigned both a campus email address (for UTK students, it’s and the email address. These two email addresses go to the same account.

As a quick reminder, all new students are enrolled in Outlook as their email client.  

Trouble Signing In to Pay Tuition

Students can register a parent to be an Authorized User on their account. One Stop can talk to Authorized Users about financial aid, billing statements, payments, verification, and other outstanding requirements needed. Point students to One Stop Student Services for instructions at

If an Authorized User needs assistance signing in to their account, have them contact One Stop and ask for help with the Authorized User portal.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required once students register for classes. Students can visit OIT’s Two-Factor Authentication webpage for help with first-time setup at

Students who have already set up 2FA, but need help during an advising session, can contact the OIT HelpDesk for assistance. They should not allow anyone, including a parent, to log into their account and should decline any two-factor authentication requests they did not initiate.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Students can proceed with registering their phones and computers to work on UT’s network. Have them choose ut-open to get started, then follow the instructions online at

Resources for New Students

We want to remind students of a few things before arriving on campus in August. Please share this condensed list of resources as you are talking to students this summer at