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Don’t Delay! Submit Your Video Requests Today

Submit your requests today!

Do you plan on showing films in your class? Do you need part of a book scanned, too? Don’t wait until the last minute! Submit your request to OIT’s Digital Media Services as soon as you can before the start of the semester. Requests received mid-to-late-August may not be able to be accommodated in time for class.


  • What open educational resources will I need to support my students?
  • Are those resources available, or will I need to request a digital copy?
  • What content should I digitize to support multiple learners?
  • Are my videos accessible to all my students, i.e., is closed captioning in place?

Requests can take at least two weeks to be completed and are fulfilled in the order they’re received. Each request is evaluated for Fair Use and copyright. Please understand we cannot scan large portions of books.

Plan for Spring Semester

Submit your requests for digitized videos by early August to give our teams time to research each title. All previously digitized full-length videos are subject to review based on the new process. 

Please understand that the changes outlined below are significant, and they will require OIT and UT Libraries additional time to review each request. The online request form has been updated to reflect the new procedures; you will need your list of titles with the library call number available at the time of submission.

Consider Clips instead of Full Movies 

OIT and UT Libraries encourage you to select clips that will supplement your instructions instead of requesting full videos be available for the class. Movie clips should not exceed five minutes per movie.  

When Full Movies are Required 

Full videos will only be available after careful consideration. The Office of Innovative Technologies and UT Libraries will review each request to determine if the following criteria are met: 

  1. Is the video available in the UT Libraries streaming archives, or can it be added to the archives reasonably? 
    If the answer is yes, then the student can stream the movie at no additional cost from the UT Libraries streaming service. 
  1. Is the video available through modern streaming solutions such as Netflix, Max, Amazon Prime, etc.? 
    If the answer is yes, your class will need to subscribe to the paid streaming service. We realize that, in some cases, this may place a financial burden on the students, and we strongly recommend that you consider this as you make your selections for the upcoming term. 

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then DMS will not digitize the selection.  

If the video is not available for streaming, the Library owns a copy of the media, and it’s capable of being digitized, then DMS will continue to provide access to the full movie.  

We strongly recommend limiting the length of time a full movie is available to your class, such as a day, week, or two weeks. Restricting access to the videos provides a stronger argument for fair use. If your class needs unrestricted access for the semester, we will ask you to provide some information about how you use videos to supplement your instruction. 

How to submit a request 

  1. Collect all relevant information, including titles and library call numbers. 
  1. Submit your request online for full-length movies and clips.