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Email, Calendars, & Instant Messaging

Alumni Volmail

About Alumni Email

Any student who leaves the university in good standing is eligible for an alumni account.

Annual Renewal

The annual renewal period is from March to June. During this time, we’ll send you reminders about how to keep your account.  After the renewal period, we will delete inactive accounts that are not renewed.

Information about this year’s renewal timeline is available in the OIT Knowledge Base.
Keep Your Volmail Account for Another Year


Passwords for alumni accounts do not expire. If you forget your password or get locked out, you can reset your password online.

Reset your Password

Two-Factor Authentication. 

Alumni accounts are not required to use two-factor authentication. However, if your account is ever compromised, we reserve the right to require two-factor authentication.

Types of Volmail Accounts

Office 365 logo

Office 365

Google Logo

Gmail (for students)

100 GB Exchange-based email, calendar, and contacts Google-based email, calendar, and contacts
Unlimited Google Drive
 Access to Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, YouTube, and more.

Log in to Volmail

Go to Volmail login

Setup and Configuration Instructions for your Client or Mobile Device

Go to setup and configuration instructions for your computer or mobile device

Change Email Provider

If you are using Office 365 and would like to move to Gmail, send email from your Volmail account to and request incoming mail be delivered to Gmail. Older mail will remain in your original account, unless you move it.