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Zoom Security Precautions

Zoom-bombing is a term for when individuals “gate-crash” Zoom meetings. These uninvited guests could share their screens, make disturbing posts in the chat, and attempt to take over the meeting. While our global Zoom settings have prevented this from being widespread, we want to remind you of a few simple security settings and practices to help prevent Zoom-bombing and to secure and keep control of your Zoom meetings.

  • Apply secure settings:
    • Only allow authenticated users
    • Require a meeting passcode
    • Enable the Waiting Room
    • Lock your meeting after it begins
  • Update your default meeting settings
  • Update individual meeting settings
  • Review recommendations for public versus private meetings
  • Minimize disruption during an event

Check out our Zoom Security Recommendations article for detailed instructions.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Microsoft Teams: Security Best Practices.

Visit OIT’s Working and Teaching Remotely page for additional security steps that can be taken at the individual meeting level.