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Microsoft Teams: Security Best Practices 

Microsoft Teams

Manage Team Membership

Keeping your Microsoft Team membership up to date is essential as team members come and go. Updating team membership ensures that conversations, recordings, and files are only available to current members, not those who have changed jobs, dropped classes, or left the university. It is recommended that Team Owners review Team Membership monthly and include updating Team member roles in the review process.

Follow the instructions on How to Manage Your Teams in the OIT Knowledge Base. 

Safe Links – An Automatic Layer of Security 

Microsoft Teams also uses Safe Links and Safe Link Verification to protect users from phishing, viruses, and other attacks. When a link is selected within a Microsoft Teams chat or channel post, you will notice a Verifying Link message appears briefly while Microsoft Defender confirms the link’s authenticity. If the link is malicious, the link will be blocked. These features are available for all applications within your Microsoft 365 account.

Find more information regarding Microsoft Safe Links in the OIT Knowledge Base.