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Spring Cleaning 

It’s the time of year when you clean out your garage and closets and toss out and donate items that you no longer use. As you are spring cleaning, don’t forget about your technology. Your computer and phone need a good “cleaning” too. Here are a few tips from OIT to get you started.  

Clean up your storage.   

Whether you are using Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, T-Storage, or your hard drive, it’s time for a good cleaning. Here are some general tips and tricks. 

  • Empty the Recycle Bin or Trash folder before starting your clean-up. 
  • Check for the largest and oldest documents by folder and remove any you no longer need. 
  • Remove versions that are no longer needed.  
  • Review your Downloads folder for old installers or obsolete/temporary files. 
  • Review and delete large or unnecessary files in Google Drive using Google’s Storage Details page. 

Clean up your email 

File old messages in your inbox, clean out deleted messages, and check old folders to see if you still need those emails. If you’re using Outlook, you might consider moving your mail to an online archive.  

Clean up your Active Directory groups 

Active Directory groups are used to access many resources, such as T-Storage Department (I: ) drives and shared mailboxes. Review your groups to ensure they are correct. Go to the Account Management site and choose Manage your Email Groups to review membership. 

Clean up your space 

Don’t forget to dust your monitors and desk. Use canned air to clean out your keyboard. Surplus old equipment and clean out your filing cabinets.