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HPSC: ABAQUS Available for ISAAC

Abaqus available for ISAAC

A commercial license for ABAQUS, a computer-aided engineering suite based upon finite element analysis (FEA), is available through UT with support from the High Performance and Scientific Computing (HPSC) service. The ABAQUS FEA suite is developed by Dassault Systèmes and is provided for commercial use through Fidelis Engineering Associates. ABAQUS software offers computationally efficient and comprehensive solutions for a variety of multi-physics and sophisticated engineering problems that covers a range of industrial applications.

The software is available to use in serial and parallel mode on ISAAC NG and ISAAC Secure Enclave cluster for all ISAAC users and also supports GPU acceleration. As the purchased license is commercial, therefore, there is no restriction on using it for academic or commercial/contract-based research. We have a four-seat license for the Graphical User Interface and enough license tokens for up to 48 cores and a GPU.  

The license for ABAQUS includes: 

  • ABAQUS/CAE – The graphical user interface to the software 
  • ABAQUS/Standard – A general-purpose iterative solver employing an implicit integration scheme 
  • ABAQUS/Explicit – Employs explicit integration to solve dynamic problems 
  • ABAQUS/Tosca – Optimization tool 

Note: The ABAQUS licenses are to be shared among all the ISAAC users and the number of checked-out licenses depends upon the number of cores requested by each user.  

Additional Resources

Visit the vendor’s website, ABAQUS, by Fidelis.

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The software is available through UT to use on:

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