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Gmail Spam Filter Settings

Non-Phishy Emails, Spam filters

In a recent Vol Update, the Office of Innovative Technologies reminded students using Gmail to check their spam folder to ensure they are not missing critical updates about academic success, graduation, advising, and more, and we are asking faculty to please reinforce this message and ask students to monitor their spam folders. OIT made changes to improve Gmail security, however, as a result, more emails may be delivered to spam folders.

OIT recommends taking the following steps:

Mark incorrectly classified messages as “Not Spam”

Gmail uses machine learning to understand your preferences better and to recognize spam. When you manually mark a message as “Not Spam,” Gmail learns how to manage messages addressed to you. 

Add trusted senders to your personal contacts list

You can manage your personal contacts list in Gmail. By adding an address to your contacts list, Gmail knows not to mark messages from those senders as spam. 

Additional Resources

Visit the OIT Knowlege Base to learn more about Google Spam Filtering.