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Shutting Down, Signing Out, and Logging Off  

Before you sign off for the winter break...

We have a few reminders for you before you unplug for a well-deserved break.  

Don’t forget to: 

Create an Out of Office message for your email. 

Set up auto-response, away messages to include internal and external recipients or only internal recipients. Office 365 allows you to customize your automated internal and external responses while you are away. 

Be vague about your whereabouts. 

Simply state that you are unavailable and will respond as soon as possible. If you don’t want a stranger to know about your plans, don’t put them in your Out of Office reply and indicate you will respond when possible.  

Follow these steps in the OIT Knowledge Base. 

Email: Set Up an Out of Office/Auto-reply/Vacation Message 

Stay Safe online. 

Follow these safety tips while accessing your online content over the holidays. We may be taking a break from working or studying over the Winter Break; unfortunately, the bad guys are always hard at work.  

Enjoy the Break. 

Now, shut down your computer, turn out the lights, and lock the door on your way out.  

Happy Holidays!