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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams Vodcast: Tips and Tricks – Season 2 

Welcome to the Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks Edition of Technology Connections!

This video podcast series, hosted by the OIT Trainers, Steve Chastain, Rachael Stanley, and Christie Patti, is here to provide you tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams. Join us each Tuesday for fast-paced sessions where you will be introduced to how to use Teams for chats and groups, Teams features, and tips on ways to stay organized. As we progress through the semester, sessions will introduce chats, then delve into creating Teams, staying organized in Teams, and using Teams for projects. Video recordings of these sessions will be available below. You can also find these recordings along with other great vodcast episodes on OIT’s Technology Connections YouTube Channel

The UTK community has access to Microsoft Teams, an all-in-one tool loaded with features that can help you and your department/team communicate more efficiently and collaborate more effectively within your work environment. These Teams vodcasts will provide you with resources, knowledge, and skills to be successful in today’s workplace. 

For more information on MS Teams visit the Microsoft Teams Knowledge Base, Microsoft Teams for Work webpage and OIT’s Microsoft Tip of the Week news item. 

Season 2 begins below. If you haven’t yet, check out Season 1 here!

Season 2, Episode 2

New Teams Application

If you haven’t made the switch to Microsoft’s New Teams, this episode is for you! This week, your OIT Trainers take a close look at the expanded options for forwarding chats and sending the chat content to other applications such as Outlook or Microsoft Tasks. Additionally, we review the addition of a Teams Details pane, a new Find feature within chats and posts, and options within Teams Settings that allow you greater control of Teams appearance. Lastly, we introduce you to Teams Meet app. The Meet app provides a central location for all meeting information including recordings, transcripts, and more.

Season 2, Episode 1

Spring Cleaning and a Quick Review of Getting Started with Teams, Chats, and Channels

This week’s episode of Teams Tips and Tricks provides some assistance with spring cleaning! Perhaps you took advantage of our invitation to create practice Teams and Channels within Teams or you dove in and created them to assist you in your work environment – and now your Teams Grid or List is full. Your trainers walk you through the simple process of hiding and archiving Teams, Channels, folders, and files which are no longer used and create a lot of clutter. We will also show you how to restore this information in case they are once again needed. In addition to spring cleaning of your Teams, you are provided a brief review of creating teams, chats, and channels to get you comfortable (or reacquainted) with this process.