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Connect to the UT network

There are 3 steps to getting online at UT: choose a network, register your device, and classify your device.

Choose a Network


  • WiFi available Campus-wide, including several outdoor areas such as Presidential Court, Humanities, and Ayres Hall courtyard.
  • UT-open network: unsecured access, no special configuration required.
  • Eduroam network: secure access, plus the capability to roam to other participating institutions.
    Instructions for setting up eduroam on your device.

Wired Network

  • Network ports are available in most office space, but may not be active.  Submit a request online for assistance activating network ports and purchasing Ethernet cables.

*Note: All computers must have up-to-date antivirus software before registering on UT’s network. Check out OIT’s recommendation in the OIT Knowledge Base.

**Note: Personal hardware, such as routers and switches, will interfere with UT’s network and are not permitted.

Register Your Device

Before you have full internet access, you must register your device. Visit to register your computer, phone, tablet, or any other device with a web browser.  For devices without a web browser, such as an Apple TV, go to

Note: If you plan on using both wireless and the network port for your computer, you will need to register your computer twice, once for each separate connection.

Classify Your Device

Faculty and staff who are assigned to a UT-owned devices for use on UT’s network are required to classify the system according to the type of information they store, view, or process on the device.  Go to to complete the classification survey.