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Email, Calendars, & Instant Messaging

Email Forwarding

The University of Tennessee restricts automatic mail forwarding to non-UT personal email accounts for the following groups: 

  • Faculty and staff 
  • Students using Microsoft Outlook
  • Retirees and Emeritus Faculty 
  • Sponsored Accounts
  • Departmental Email Accounts 

UT Knoxville students using Gmail can forward their email from their UT Gmail account.     

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the University limit forwarding?

We limit forwarding to protect the University’s information. Forwarding your email to an external email address presents an unnecessary risk to the University and does not relieve the University or employee from the Tennessee Public Records Act, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), or other types of discovery.  

Can I forward individual emails? 

Yes, you can continue to forward individual messages to an external email address; this initiative only limits automated email forwarding.  

Can I get an exemption? 

Forwarding to a non-UT personal email address is not eligible; however, faculty and staff may request an exemption for qualifying email domains for work-related purposes. University Chief Information Officers for each campus will review each request and determine if the domain is eligible.