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What’s new in WordStat versions 2022 and 2023

What's New in Wordstat

WordStat by Provalis Research is an easy-to-use and flexible content analysis package that allows the extraction and analysis of information from large amounts of documents. This software can be used for many applications such as content analysis of news coverage or social media, analysis of open-ended survey items, business intelligence, etc.

Recent improvements to the software include:

  • A multi-threaded factor analysis algorithm which greatly improves topic extraction speed
  • Sample Text panel in the Topic Extraction output
    • Shows examples of text associated with an extracted topic
    • Sorts by descending relevance
  • Word clouds within extracted topics
  • Suggestions and Associated Words panels in Frequencies output
    • Suggestions based on a thesaurus
    • Associated Words based on associations within your text itself
  • Suggestions panel in phrase extraction output
    • Displays phrases that are semantically, syntactically, or statistically related to a chosen phrase
  • Computation with string variables
    • Creates new string variables by concatenating existing string variables.

WordStat is available at no additional charge to UT students, faculty, and staff.

Download a 14-day trial version of the software from the Provalis Research website. Covert the trial copy into a fully licensed copy by downloading and applying the current license file from the OIT software download site.