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What’s New in QDA Miner Version 6.0

Use QDA Miner’s mixed methods software package for analyzing a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. The new capabilities in QDA Miner version 6 help improve the content analysis process for coding, annotating, retrieving, and analyzing small and large collections of text data. The new grid display mode helps expedite the coding of open-ended content, such as support cases and survey responses, where data is organized in a table format. This table format allows research analysts to view and categorize data with a drag & drop interface and provides a better understanding of the major support issues that need to be addressed. Version 6 improves the visual display of the content analysis results using features such as an interactive word cloud diagram and a sophisticated quotation matrix.

New Features:


  • New grid view mode for coding short text responses
  • Quotation matrices to display selected quotes by a chosen classification variable
  • Enhanced annotation feature


  • Word frequency analysis and word clouds
  • Deviation tables to display the most frequent and least frequent codes for a chosen classification variable

Numerical Calculation

  • Numerical transformations, including common mathematical and statistical functions
  • Binning to convert continuous numerical variables into categories


  • Donut, Radar, 100% stacked bar, and area charts
  • Ordering of series in comparison charts
  • Color coding of items in correspondence plots
  • Improved bubble charts


Download the Software: QDA Miner is available to UT students, faculty, and staff for download from the OIT software distribution site at no additional charge.

Schedule a Consultation: If you would like help with mixed methods research, you may set up a one-on-one consulting session with one of our statisticians online at the OIT HelpDesk or by phone at 865-974-9900.