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What is new in OriginPro 2022b?

Origin Pro Graphing and Analysis

OriginPro is a popular graphing and data analysis software that provides a comprehensive solution for scientists and engineers who need to analyze, graph, and professionally present data. OriginPro’s point-and-click interface allows you to start using it quickly, yet its wide range of advanced features provides for your growing needs. OriginPro is available to UTK students, faculty, and staff on Apps@UT and the OIT computer labs. 

New Features in OriginPro 2022b

  • New Graph Types: Bar Map Plot, Spiral Bar Chart, Circular Packing Graph, and Right-Triangle Ternary Plot were added. 
  • Export Graphs and Layouts as SVG Format: It allows for easy editing of the exported file in applications such as Adobe Illustrator to create your final manuscript. 
  • Origin Rich Text Syntax for Notes Windows: OriginPro 2022b supports Rich Text, Image, Graph, linked Text and together with a paragraph style, users can use the Notes window to create a nice-looking report. 
  • Insert Images into Graphs and Notes: New notation has been introduced to insert images to labels in graphs to reduce project file size. The same notation is used to insert images in notes window with Origin Rich Text format. 
  • Support for GeoTIFF files has been added: A GeoTIFF is a standard .tif or image file format that includes additional spatial (georeferencing) information embedded in the .tif file as tags. Starting from 2022b, you can easily handle the GeoTIFF files in Origin. 


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