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UT WIRELESS NETWORKS: What are they, and which one is best for you?

Choose eduroam

If you haven’t thought about the wireless network you connect to on campus, you should. OIT provides two different Wi-Fi networks for you to choose from: 

  • eduroam – The SECURE network for students, faculty, and staff to access Wi-Fi on-campus and at participating Universities worldwide. By connecting to eduroam, you will also have the best experience on UT’s network. 
  • ut-open – This system is NOT SECURE and is not intended for internet activity that may involve private or personal data. For all intents and purposes, ut-open is a GUEST network.

OIT strongly recommend all students, faculty, and staff make eduroam their default wireless network on campus. There are fewer security restrictions on ut-open, and anyone on campus can access this network. Thus, your privacy and data are at greater risk on ut-open, similar to ANY open network you connect to, on or off campus. We recommend that you don’t do anything on ut-open you wouldn’t want an eavesdropper to know — including logging into accounts with passwords. Use ut-open for topics of conversation you would happily discuss in public.

Additional Resources

If you are having trouble connecting to eduroam, check out the OIT Knowledge Base article, Wi-Fi: Connect to the UT Wireless Network

Visit these OIT Knowledge Base articles for detailed instructions for signing into eduroam:

Want to make eduroam your default network? Follow these instructions in the OIT Knowledge Base.