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Using Third-Party AI Tools for Meeting Summaries and Notetaking 

AI, shield with lock, academic building from the UTK campus

While we are eager to embrace AI to help us do our work, we should do so thoughtfully. OIT has worked with Microsoft to create UT-Verse, which is the university’s private version of ChatGPT. We are currently working on testing Microsoft Copilot for Office 365. While we are in the testing and procurement processes, you may be tempted to use one of the many “free” versions of AI assistants available on the web. 

When using transcription services provided by third-party vendors, sensitive information shared during meetings may be at risk. These vendors often have access to proprietary and confidential data disclosed in meetings. Additionally, they store copies of recorded meetings and generated transcripts, which could pose privacy and security concerns. Additionally, third-party AI tools might inadvertently reveal confidential or sensitive information. Inaccurate summaries or misinterpretations could lead to unintended disclosures, affecting business strategies or personal matters. If the need arises to use one of these third-party tools, please be aware of the context of the situation or meeting in order to minimize the risk to yourself and the university.