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Best Practices for Using Proctorio in Face-to-Face Classes


Proctorio is UTK’s current proctoring tool for exams delivered via the Canvas Quiz tool.

While Proctorio is primarily intended for remotely proctored online exams, some instructors choose to enable it on exams delivered during the face-to-face class session. Review our short list of best practices when using Proctorio in a physical classroom:

  1. Proctorio is dependent on students’ internet connection and the devices they’re using. Students are encouraged to restart their devices before any Proctorio-enabled Canvas Quiz attempt.
  2. Practice Quizzes are a great way to ensure that students can access a Proctorio-enabled Canvas Quiz. Please make sure that students take a Proctorio Practice Quiz on the same device they plan to use for exams, preferably in the same classroom on the same internet connection.
  3. At this time, Classic Quizzes work more consistently with Proctorio compared to New Quizzes. Both quiz engines are compatible with Proctorio; however, we’ve received more reports of technical issues when New Quizzes and Proctorio are paired. Using Classic Quizzes will cut down on potential Proctorio-related issues.

The use of Proctorio in a physical classroom does not prevent certain attempts at cheating. For some instructors, simply walking around the classroom, combined with an exam designed with randomly selected or ordered questions and an appropriate timer are better cheating deterrents.